Started by Dune, February 03, 2014, 04:11:04 am

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I don't know if you're interested to follow this, but it's not too much trouble for me to post some images again. So here goes; new park to be made near a castle. Just pasture land now, but it will be lush and diverse, with 'sunbath fields', 'leisure walk paths', natural areas, perhaps a folly (nice!).
First tests, refining veggies and such.


Are they real photos or a terragen renders ???
really you confused me...
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I like it. I wonder where this one lands.  :)

I know that an artist never shares their secrets, but could you at least spill the beans what was the detail value of the last image? Are you using the planetary grass shader or just populated the area with grass objects? I think there are at least two types of grass there.
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The grass is just some colors (PF), a no color PF with small 'hillocks' (like 0.5/1.5/0.01, displaced 20cm), only in the rougher grass areas, and one fake stone shader of 0.005m, 12 high, density 2, no color. Plus some tiny fractals masked by patchy fractals for the flowers. Rendered at detail 0.5, AA5 I think.


Wow Ulco, especially the second image is almost perfect! I'd love to see this one with some more plants (a little empty at the moment, but as you said you're still refining) and with soft shadows enabled. I guess this would be really very close to photorealistic.


It's a very early setup, just plunked some species in. Some veggies needed lighter or darker bark or the leaves were too translucent, which I'm working on right now. The challenge with this one is to keep it fast to render as it will be animated. Soft shadows is probably out for the animation; took 46 minutes, while normal shadows took 20 minutes. Tight budget  :(


What if you render soft shadows without jitter? This causes visible banding in stills, but often in animation you can't notice it.

It looks pretty good btw...too bad the budget is too tight to squeeze out more detail, more objects and higher rendersettings.

Hopefully some day we get a new raytracer which deals much better and faster with our vegetation.


Hi Ulco,  Your images are just about perfect.  Almost photographic in fact.  Could you tell us whose trees you are using.  This lot actually look to have real foliage.



Looking forward to the animation Ulco  ;)


@Rat: I make my own in XF and ST.

@Martin: I'll try that.


Thanks Ulco, just what I suspected.  Once made, save 'em, right?



Ok, so as far as the procedural grass you have going on here goes, that is the best I have seen yet. I agree it does look as close as photo-realistic as it gets. I want to replicate that, badly, because it is just too cumbersome to use real grass objects over such a large space and I have lots of grassy scenes in mind :)

I am sure this is going to turn out to be a stunner once again when you are labeling this as 'very early setup'.

Lady of the Lake

The second one is my fave.  It is sooooo good.  Even your WIP images are near perfection.


Here's the grass setup. It's not that complicated. You only need to make some masks (if needed) for the different types (inside), and line it up in your line of surface shaders. I've got some areas that are less rough, or more flowery, and paths that are masked in or out inside.


Dude you're a class act... those pics are awesome!