Started by Dune, February 03, 2014, 04:11:04 am

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Looks better and better Ulco.

Did you use non-jittered soft shadows already on this one?
If so, how did it work out? I see you changed POV and such so you can't compare it with the previous one, but I'm still curious nonetheless.


Very realistic.  That is a very clever way of doing grass, thanks for sharing.


Hi, Im just curious. This is a commissioned work, right? And its for a castle? So it is a visualization for a landscaping project at a real and historical location? Or the castle is 3D too, and this is all for a printed image? IM sorry if I missed something obvious yet again, but it sounded a little like there is a real castle some place that this is for?

Great looking images anyway, Ulco. Always enjoy these threads.
It has been eaten.


It's near a castle, and a new park to be made where ther's just meadowland now. Commissioned yes.

And Martin, no no SoShnoJ yet I want to have the terrain and veggies down first. I'll try it later on, perhaps in a crop-animation.


Ahh! Well thats real cool! Can we see a photo of the castle?

NIce images yet again Ulco.
It has been eaten.


Thank you for the clip!  8)  The island looks perfect.


These are looking really great Ulco. This is the kind of project I'd like to make it really easy to use TG for.




Such a nice pleasure to view these images. Most inspirational. You sure know how to invoke enthusiasm.

And, thank you for the clip file of the Parkwood Grass.


Here you go. Pack your bags....


Thanks for the grass clip. Promise I'll play with that sometime very soon. ;D
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Great castle render! ;)


2 minutes work. I know I'm good  ;D ;D ;D


Beautiful! Everything in the castle picture is wonderful. I especially love the water.