"Last lights" short animation project (finished movie in page 17)

Started by Kadri, September 17, 2014, 10:21:52 am

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Strongly agree with Kadri's conclusion and Oshyan's advice! Have ranted about this before. In addition to Oshyan's reasons, rendering cuts is also more gratifying I feel... You get finished sequences sooner  :)

Really looking forward to a nice little short Kadri. "in the blink of an eye" (a short book) has some really great thinking and tricks for editing. Rather a fun read if you like.
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Yes pls continue Kadri :D I like it alot.
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Thanks guys.
There are some little shots i haven't shown yet and i am eager to share.
So working full time to finish it as fast as i can :)


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Quote from: TheBadger on October 08, 2014, 02:10:44 am
Really looking forward to a nice little short Kadri.
"in the blink of an eye" (a short book) has some really great thinking and tricks for editing. Rather a fun read if you like.

Thanks Michael i will have a look at that book.
The last ones i had read from the beginning to the end were from Sergei Eisenstein...really :D


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Sergei Eisenstein would be one of my heroes if I believed in heroes.

He started out as part of the problem, but in the end he stood up to Stalin. What I love about him is that he was so good and so clever that Stalin didn't get it.  ;D Art can be very powerful even if only in hindsight. I am talking about "Ivan the terrible", Eisenstein's final work. He made it by commission of Stalin him self.

But rather than making the film the boss wanted, Eisenstein used it to condemn everything Stalin was doing. But it was so exstravagent and complex Stalin apparently could not see past the aesthetics of it. Just change the name to "Joseph the terrible" in your mind when you see the fils and its pretty clear.

There was to be three films. Two were made. Eisenstein died of ( I think it was) a heart attack before making the third part. The historians say there was no foul play. But who knows.

Kadri, if you have a bunch of good sequences that you made but not really intended to go with one another, that could be a great opportunity to play! I am completely biased on this, but editing is the best, most creative part of moving pictures IMO. Everything else is just a way to make parts to arrange  ;D And if you use montage theory like Eisenstein, oh man, you can do so much.

I am sure you have your own ideas of course, I just like the subject.  :)

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He is a very interesting and important man for sure :)
When i first saw Battleship Potemkin in a theater (with 10 people or less) i was amazed that he made it in 1925.

I am just playing how it goes along in this one. No big ideas at all.
As i wrote here before this is just a test
for many aspects i have to use for my real animation next year i hope.
I am trying many things i haven't done at all (in the way i use them here at least).
And not only in Terragen.In Lightwave too like hypervoxels, bullet dynamics and some landscaping etc.

The only real thing i am trying to archive and i would be sorry if it isn't in the finished animation
is a kind of sense of the time passing by with a little grant sadness that still has hope in it.
Some technical aspects aren't so important for me if i can give that feeling when you watch it.

But i am still surprised how that little camera pan got out of control and i am writing this here at all ;)


Quotei was amazed that he made it in 1925.

I know, that gets me too! It really feels like everything has already been done. And all we can do is pick from the past and try to master the ideas of the people who came before us. Not as romantic as the idea of discovering something new, but mastery of anything is no small task. My life is the failure to master anything. But Ill keep trying. I'm more optimistic for others though ;D

Everyone knows Im a cheerleader if nothing else. Don't mind my enthusiasm Kadri. Tests or not, no one would be here if it were not interesting just as a starting place. which it is.

Now or a year from now... For me, maybe 10 year. So Ill root for you and the others in the meantime
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Quote from: TheBadger on October 11, 2014, 04:50:06 pm
My life is the failure to master anything. But Ill keep trying. I'm more optimistic for others though ;D

You don't show much but from what i have seen
it looks like there is very much optimism for what you will do too as i have said before Michael :)

And by the way don't forget that i am trying to do such an animation for years...more years then you think probably ;)


As i probably have no new things to show until the finished animation i will post an old one from 1997.


Testing never ended as you see Michael.
So no more tests from now on and directly animations ...good or bad or i will get have nothing done at all :)


A still from the fourth part of the animation.

The only part that is Terragen is the basic landscape object that i exported.
Everything else is Lightwave.


Looking good, but I'm curious why you decided to do this in LW. Maybe there's something in the animated version that requires it? As it is the scene seems quite do-able with TG, and I see a bit of fuzziness in the terrain that I imagine is due to the export process and finite resolution of exported data vs. original procedurals in TG. I'm sure the result will still be great, but of course you're aware of the problems you ended up with on the moon that you exported as it ends up looking overly smooth and CG in LW.

I don't mean to be a downer, I think this whole project is fantastic, just a little constructive feedback. Looking forward to seeing it all come together. :)

- Oshyan


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Actually all you wrote is is the same as i think about this scene Oshyan.
If i took more time i could make the scene-the landscape especially-better.
But it serves just above the threshold i need it for the time i am willing to give it.

As you guessed rightly i want to make some things with hypervoxels in Lightwave with this scene.
Not sure how it will look actually because most of the things i try are very new things for me.
At least in this scale.

I could use Terragen clouds too actually as i tried it with the first scene in Terragen as the building collapsed.
But this time i wanted to see how it will end in Lightwave.
So i am testing Lightwave too in this project.
And in some ways i will have more control in this scene.

I am using hypervoxels in Lightwave for some effects but i will probably
buy a plugin like TurbulenceFD (https://www.jawset.com/) later as hypervoxels are very hard and old to get the look you want.

Of course if we could use the clouds in the same way in Terragen then many effects could be made directly in Terragen.

So no problem at all with criticism. I always love it.
It is kind of an eye opener especially if you didn't see it at all it in that way.
Always better then "Looks nice" that i am most of the times guilty too :)


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I had a animation in that the clouds warped over time.
The beginning was from frame 101 to 200 for the warp.
Unfortunately at frame 101 the warping is so sudden that it looks like more of a jump.
There are no ways to control the TCB settings so far i know.
I think this is one of the most important things to add to the animation part of Terragen.
2 days lost in rendering and i have to try to smooth that 2 frame out. Hope it works.

Edit:I will try to use manual numbers that go from zero to the number of the warp that is seen in the frame 101.
       2-3 frames  put in this way between 100 and 101 should work i think.

It looks like that for now in some places it is better to begin with the animation from the beginning
then at the middle and try to control it with small key values until the place you want it go higher.


November 15, 2014, 11:25:09 pm #58 Last Edit: November 15, 2014, 11:29:00 pm by Kadri

Had to cheat in a basic way for the problem mentioned above. The Big rock covers the planet at the problematic frames.
This scene could use a little more different rocks but in the animation it is harder to spot.


Looks pretty cool! I like the debris ring. I don't see right off what you are worried about? The rock in the center there looks good.
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