"Last lights" short animation project (finished movie in page 17)

Started by Kadri, September 17, 2014, 10:21:52 am

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Thanks Michael.
I worked more for the big rock. That is OK i think too.
The others are all the same rock actually. So only 1 rock for all the debris other then the big one.
Well there is a different smaller one too but that is hard to be seen in the scene :)
That smaller one worked better in another try but here the general look is better so i don't bother much.

I learned so much in this animation project it is kında funny.
Knowing-reading is one thing but trying to make is the best teaching method as i saw in this project.
In the scene above for example i should have used different passes-layers (all the time actually).
I wanted to control the look of the planet and the rocks separately after the render finished.
But i didn't rendered that way. So i had to compromise.
The rocks should be more bright from the sunlight for example.
But i think in the finished animation it will be less obvious at least for the non vfx viewers.


Great, Kadri! Can't wait to see the final result.


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Thanks Hannes.

Other then Terragen, Lightwave and Sony Vegas i had to-wanted to learn Hitfilm.
Rendering now a scene that has more then 30 layers with Hitfilm.
One more first because of this project.

If the free Fusion came out 1 months ago i would have used it probably.


The Hitfilm test part turned out nearly as i had in my mind.

Ground exported from Terragen and rendered in Lightwave. I rendered the building too as another pass in Lightwave.
All the other parts are made in Hitfilm. I could still play with this but i am quite pleased how it came out.


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I wanted to test Youtube. You can watch that short scene here.




j meyer

More than promising!
Eager to see the final.


Impressive................waiting on final.  ;D


November 19, 2014, 08:40:53 pm #73 Last Edit: November 19, 2014, 08:46:20 pm by Kadri
Thanks ;D
With the things i am still adding to the final part it could take a while.
Looks like the end goes farther away so much i finish some parts.


Oh man  :o I did not expect this from the wips and test animations. Bad Ass Kadri!
It has been eaten.