"Last lights" short animation project (finished movie in page 17)

Started by Kadri, September 17, 2014, 10:21:52 am

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Yes bought it already. I am waiting for the first update.
Point releases are a little too buggy sometimes.
Do you use it Pablo?


December 07, 2014, 02:21:22 pm #78 Last Edit: December 07, 2014, 02:23:48 pm by PabloMack
Quote from: Kadri on December 07, 2014, 12:50:54 pmDo you use it Pablo?

I have Hitfilm 2 Ultimate. To get my feet wet and get familiar with it I tried to use it for editing together a video presentation. It got to where it wasn't able to handle the size of my project (?) which was then getting to be about 23 minutes long. It kept crashing (1920 X 1080). My time was running out and I got desperate so I went back to SpeedEDIT which saved me. I whipped the presentation together in about a day or so. I decided not to think of Hitfilm as a general NLE but instead as a visual effects package. I still want to learn how to use it. I searched for "Hitfilm 2" in this forum and I brought up this thread. Do you have a back story for the animation you are/were doing that started this thread?


I got Hitfilm 2 Ultimate together with Sony Vegas Pro 12.
The NLE side isn't as good for now. But if you are into the way it works it is nice for VFX work as you said.
It feels like a newborn software that will be much stronger shortly but that does have some bugs and shortcomings.
With Fusion free i am curious what will happen. But they are so different that they (Hitfilm) won't have a problem probably with this.

I made up a very basic story for the animation. No characters. Will see how it will look. I am on the last part with 2-3 scenes left.
One scene takes sometimes more then one week.And then there will be the editing and music part.
Maybe i will make the webpage i bought since some years at last the first time with this too.
So it looks still far away.But i am getting there slowly :)


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In the last part of the animation i am going to use some old project files like this one.
It isn't much different from the original but there is a difference that isn't shown here yet.

I am not sure what i will use at the right side.
Maybe small city like lights on the big planet or flying very small creatures or a space ship.
I am still undecided.

This is the raw unprocessed full Terragen image.
Render time is nearly 3 hours per frame. There will be 170 frames probably.


This is one of the old projects too. A little different then the original.
Not so fond of it but with a little postwork and comp it should work hopefully.

If you remember this except the ground everything is made from clouds.


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I mapped one frame of the moon on a plane object file to get faster render time.
There was too much flickering too.
It got maybe nearly half an hour faster and steady lights without flickering this way.
End result is around 1 hour render time per frame.


I think both these last two are really cool looking. Especially the one where you've made some kind of crazy ship out of clouds. :D

- Oshyan


really cool. Looking forward to this! Good to have some more projects to anticipate. Lots of fun to see and try to figure out. Getting really curious how this is going to come together.
It has been eaten.


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A little update:

Made a first rough cut of the animation.
1-2 scenes are still not finished and i have to polish some scenes a little more.
The runtime is 4 minutes now. The last scene is the longest.
With this and that it might be a little under 5 minutes in the end.

As i have thrown the scenes together as i made this , there are scenes i wish i had made different or should add some more etc. 
It looks a little rough to me but i have lost objectivity since some time already.
Before final cut i will have to show it to others.

Music and sound effects are another factor that i will have to deal with very soon.

But it is a real experience in that i saw that making a short video isn't so easy at all as it sometimes looks.

Some scenes do look much nicer on an 65" tv by the way ;)


QuoteSome scenes do look much nicer on an 65" tv by the way

It has been eaten.