Terragen 4 Beta: Color missmatch between RTP and final render

Started by ASK51, July 20, 2016, 03:38:53 am

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I am just trying out the Beta for skybox generation and I observed some (from my side) unexpected behavior which makes it in my opinion almost impossible to work correct and with predictable results.

I am using the RTP to get a better understanding of how my cloudscene looks and when I do the final render, all the colors are significantly different, most notably in a range of yellow to red I have the most shifts.
This makes it really hard to predict how the render will look in the end and it needs a lot of trial and error to get the colors right. In general, it feels like RTP is always more saturated and colors are more intense....in the final render, yellow/orange shifts are less strong and the image looks slightly more washed out in comparison.

My problem is that I really dont mind which one is the more accurate as long as they look the same, because right now, its very time consuming to get a final render that looks like what you came up with in RTP.

Are there any known issues with the consistency or is this just some sort of general limitation?

Thanks a lot!


Hi, welcome to the forum!

There is this:


...and there may be some differences in the atmosphere. I'm aiming to improve in future.

However, saturation differences are not really what I would expect. I'd be interested to see some examples, if you can show them.

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