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Started by luvsmuzik, December 01, 2016, 09:09:57 am

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Agura Nata

I like the snow render, well done my friend and have a nice week!
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Where credit is due:
Blender tree and render glare and ghosts
Terragen sky

I will try to introduce this to a TG terrain


Pretty crisp here at micro 0.3 and AA 2. Renders less than 5 minutes.

APs Generic Coniferous Pine


woohoo trees everywhere! I shall now attempt the PF as a density shader.


Like it  :)

re: picture # 2,  (Pines in snow), might consider turning on soft shadows?


Quote from: masonspappy on December 05, 2016, 06:00:28 pm
Like it  :)

re: picture # 2,  (Pines in snow), might consider turning on soft shadows?

Thanks masonspappy! I will try that. I was enjoying the crochet looking shadow of that tall conifer being so crisp at 0.3, haha.

Used the PFs for density on all three tree pops here. Found the method specifics in Dune's awesome RockFace share file.

Now to see if I can put a distance function on a surface layer. I would like to breakup the total snow cover way back in the distance or at least shade it.


Reflective shader on high surface layer, render:burst, bloom, experimental atmo bloom.

TG4 free version


Thank you Kadri.

I just discovered density fractal in the cirrus cloud layer, goes! More examples and clips to play with.

Agura Nata

... the last, in snow looks realy good my friend!
"Live and Learn!"


Defiantly agree with Mason, especially when you have shadows casting on snow, soft shadows enabled is a must, It will kick up your rendertimes but the final result is wort the wait
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Still messing with trees. Trying for snow clumps here.
This is a metaball duplication mesh transformation done in Blender and joined to the tree. Very early stages of development.
I may have eaten a little too much candy when I was doing this! haha


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Okay today's self challenge....har har

suitable groundcover...AP Crabgrass 1 (all at a 1,1, 1, 1 ratio by the way) Is that close enough? I am weak at decimals.

soft shadows Diameter 2 Samples 9 Sun 4 @90. Critique welcome here please.

I shall have to bump that leaf I see now.
More to do with the one remaining object I can use.....Should probably do a second grass set...

Render D 0.6, AA 4 1 hour 20 minutes