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Started by luvsmuzik, December 01, 2016, 09:09:57 am

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Nice color variations, btw I liked a lot winter scenes too
Terragen scenes & presets store


something borrowed,
something Blue.
Ring out the Old.
Bring in the New
Bobby Stahr, Paracosmologist


Playing again with trees.

Using Blender 2.79 sapling generator. Model begins as a curve object. (You convert this to mesh for further editing once you have the basic set)
You have many options to build a tree. At first I tried this without instruction, then gave up and watched a tutorial or twenty on YouTube. ;D

One thing that always bothered me was the trunk diameter of the default presets, so of course I explored until I found the setting to change that. With a little adjusting, you can make a decent trunk.
I made tree 99 here in about a half hour, using default leaf hexagonal. Leaf can be masked with texture, but here I just used a power fractal.

This population rendered in 2 minutes at 6MPD and 4AA.
I intend to redo it with larger branch radius later today, just wanted to show that you do not have to have a pencil line trunk.  :)

A long long time ago there was a tree maker free program (like Win95 era) that had this complex branch method, so this is why I sort of "get" Blender's sapling generator.


Some very nice renders here! I like the fungus tree most. Great work!


Thanks DocCharly65!

New Blender tree v2.79 sapling generator    Default leaf color only (transluparency applied) Trunk mossy powerfractals merged shader

I tried to use every shade of green I could...haha

Mr_Lampost's tgo bushes
3Leaf Clover tgo
CRAPgrass obj

GI 1.5 ,MPD0.6 AA6, render time 1 hour

Agura Nata

Looks great, some fine renders :)


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Quote from: Dragonfire on June 03, 2018, 01:20:01 pm
Looks great, some fine renders :)

Thanks much Dragonfire!

A question for the gifted....

I followed a Blender 2.79 tutorial to make a skinned tree from skin modifier. I am trying to attach my leafy branches but not having much luck. I made a vertex group for the particle system and use a group of twigs with leaves for branches particles and density group.
Any suggestions?


Nevermind, I figured out how to edit the vertex group. duhhh


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Ever see a catalpa tree with popcorn flowers and great big leaves? Perhaps I shall try adding flowers to this mess..... :)


Do you have a technique for adding bark to the trees?


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I usually do it with a powerfractal or I have some bark textures with bump maps...this was the Blender render, so I scaled back the nodes...

I did this displace in Blender, shown earlier in this post;topic=22499.0;attach=68944;image


ok, I was just curious (the test tree above look like solid brown).  I isolate the trunk from the rest of the branches, create a seam in the trunk and then upwrap it against a bark image, then scale as appropriate.  For the secondary and tertiary branches I often use a power fractal like you do for coloring, but usually don't worry about bump mapping for those.


I have yet to do a mark edge correctly for UV texture...but I have discovered how to select the edge loops and rings to select the trunk and larger splits. Then I can use a displace modifier and apply it. I am catching on...slowly. :)