Started by Hannes, March 31, 2017, 10:19:23 am

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Yes, the ISS has had new modules added (and planned but not added) over time. Various models represent different stages of actual or planned deployment.

And yes I remember the $1300 Turbosquid ISS model. It's certainly a lot of work to create it, yet somehow that still seemed like a crazy amount of money to me. :D Especially when you see the detail level of the e.g. Star Destroyer, etc. models people share for free...

- Oshyan


In the meantime I managed to get the solar panels and the Destiny module of the Chris Kuhn model textured and edited a bit, after I isolated all the different parts from each other. I took some NASA reference to see which is which (and how they are called). Still a lot of work, and unfortunately there are no material channels in this model. The NASA model had some. 1300!
Some sort of masochism....


By the way, I created some sort of aluminium shader with a very subtle displacement using a very very small PF as shader, since blurred reflections are still buggy in TG.


Great progress! Not just a bunch of planes and cyclinders, hey?


...a little bit more... ;)


A very nice EMU, Hannes. From NASA as well or from a store?


Quote from: DocCharly65 on April 05, 2017, 05:56:59 pm
A very nice EMU, Hannes. From NASA as well or from a store?

Nils, I forgot, where I got this from. As far as I remember it was a free download (maybe from Blendswap?). I edited this character heavily, posed him a bit and added some new stuff that was too low res on the original mesh. Years ago...


Here is a nice one:
I think mine was a different one, but the images here look quite good. Maybe a tad too bumpy.


Great render Hannes :)
Will you show more of these?


Thanks Martin,
yes, I will. I just finished to render the Kuhn model. As I wrote, I had to separate the whole thing, since it was just one model, no groups, no whatever and then isolated each single part to texture the whole thing. I downloaded lots of reference images and tried to make it look like the real thing. For some parts I couldn't find any images, so I had to use my imagination.
Since the two models (NASA and Kuhn) show different stages of the configuration, I took some parts of the NASA model and sticked it onto the Kuhn model. I don't know, if this is correct, but I thought it looks cool.


By the way, there is some minor postwork: a little chromatic aberration, saturation and brightness, and some glare which can be seen on some of the reference images. This glare effect could have been done in TG probably, but testing out the amount of bloom until it's OK takes a lot of time, since you have to render the frame each time completely.


another super scene!
love that Aluminium shader workaround too!


Brilliant, you have to have the patience of a Saint to get this done...well done man.
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Very nice model!

The aluminum shader trick works really well!


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