Agent Smith only C4D and 3DS MAX

Started by DocCharly65, April 26, 2019, 04:05:59 am

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Would someone be so kind and check and (if possible) convert, what I found please?

I would really like to give agent smith a little role in my film, but I have no tools to convert the files:!AvEpmvBUHi6qgrhTrEgmMlwGdlewDw

I even cannot say if the download I found via Youtube is rubbish or useful.
Could someone check if the textures work and export an obj file? Rigging and animation I could later do in Blender.
Thanks in advance - that would be so great... And of course that would guarantee a special mention in the final credits of the film ;)


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In 3DsMax 2012 the scene opens like this, many maps are missing!

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Sorry, I would be glad to help you DocCharly65.



I downloaded it too. It's quite messy. Everything has cryptic names and shadernames as well (looks like the Fibonacci sequence), and the model is far away from the 0,0,0 coordinate and wildly rotated. The normals are messed up too.
But l started to sort it out. May take a few days, but I think it's worth it. Even without textures you can clearly See,that it's Hugo Weaving.


Oh thank you Hannes and thank you Stormlord for the try.

Hannes , I unfortunately can't open C4D and 3DS MAX otherwise I would have tried to clean all that mess by my self.  :-[
I know models like this very well from the past. Unfortunately I didn't find any other Hugo Weaving model except one other. It's a very bad and low poly stl-file without any textures at all.

If you ever loose patience with that bad boy Hugo - please just try to export in a Blender-, Poseray- or Wings3D readable format, and I'll try to tidy it my self. In worst case I'll try to build my own Hugo Weaving model with Facegen. But so far many many thanks :)

C4D and 3DS MAX are still some of the formats not to be converted or importable by Blender, Poseray and online converters.


Don't worry, Nils. I already fixed some things, and it's fun to do it.
In the end it's going to be a nice model I guess.
I'm going to convert it to a (TG proof) OBJ.
Who knows, maybe I'll use the agent for a project one day as well.
Do you know who created this guy, and is it possible to contact him for a permission to share it publicly here in the file section?


I never used C4d, so I don't know, if the model is easier to convert with that, but I already started in 3ds Max, and I can't stop anymore.  ;D


Quote from: Hannes on April 26, 2019, 05:04:36 pm
I never used C4d, so I don't know, if the model is easier to convert with that, but I already started in 3ds Max, and I can't stop anymore.  ;D
;D no problem :)

Look where I found it:

Strange place for offering models ...  ::)


Hi Doc `n all

the model actually opens rather well in C4D.18 here. It has been made with C4D.13 It`s quite old.
But the geometry is somewhat flawed. The paths to the textures are still local, like "c:\Users\XYZ\something..."
That`s why they don`t load. No rework done like Hannes does.

CHeers, Klaus

ps: sorry for the sloppy archiving...
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the remains of the day... ;)
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Klaus you're a hero! :)

...and the funny thing is: The object itself is the exactly same as I had as stl file without textures ;D
Thanks so much :)


...the problem now is... NOW  I  MUST  integrate another short matrix episode ;)
But never mind:
On one side I have the permission of both midifile artists to use the matrix theme as well as the Zarathustra theme.
On the other side there's already an idea in the tangled depths of my unusual mind :)

Thanks again... of course to Hannes as well!


So good to hear that the conversion was sucessfull!
(In 3DsMax it was only a mess)



Ah, cool! Yes, in 3ds Max it's quite a struggle. The required textures in the Max shaders are .dds files, but there are only PNGs. Of course they can be converted, but that isn't all. As I already wrote, the model is far away from the origin and rotated in Max. And it's very low poly. Nevertheless it's cool, how the creator matched Hugo's face in that low resolution.

Did you do any smoothing after the conversion, Klaus? My attempts to smooth it looked terrible. Only the sleeves of your model still are quite faceted.

However, Max says: "Matlib "k_smith_Model" not found", and in Poseray it didn't load the textures as well, so I had to rename the matlib to load them, since it's named "k_Smith.mtl".


@ Doc, glad I could help. And I for one are looking forward to another twist in your epic movie ;)

@ Hannes, in C4D the model is at the center and the normals of the geometry are all facing outwards.
You are right there are lowpoly parts - the sleeves and the arms as well.
Before exporting as an *.obj I only tried to fix the texture paths.
Nothing else - no smoothing or anything.

I also loaded the converted model into Poseray afterwards once (not the version I uploaded though)
an Poseray renamed the texture files "back to" k_Smith_Model. Maybe that _Model appendix is somewhere in the *.obj itself.
I did not open the *.obj in a text editor to take a look. Maybe I mixed the *.mtl files up...

Loading the exported *.obj into LightWave, Softimage and Blender showed all kinds of flaws - inverted normals, different smoothing levels.
I just "did not have the time" (aka was too lazy) to work on the model  :-[

Anyway, nice model to have.
CHeers, Klaus
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Thanks for the link, Doc!
Klaus, I managed to edit the model, so that it's TG proof. I also could smooth the sleeves, and I think, it looks OK now. I ran the model through Mixamo and created different poses (see image below), and converted them to TGOs.

Maybe I'll try to refine the textures.

I'd love to share the Smiths, but I'm not sure, if I'm allowed to.