Airwolf will come!

Started by DocCharly65, May 22, 2019, 06:43:17 am

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And again a great sublimation of stuff, very believable. One tiny suggestion would be to make the walls and glass dirty. Especially lower end where the veggies grow would have some algae and dirt.
Grafity on the walls? Would be a nice means to tell people something.....


I understand this... :)



 :) You made my (birth)day!


Oh really -   today? Happy birthday, Ulco!  8)  :)
... means you're 3 days younger than me?  ;) ;D


Thanks Nils. Is that so? Great, so happy birdthday to you too, though 3 days late  :P


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Thanks Ulco. What a funny coincidence :)
Have a really nice rest of the day. Hope you'll have a nice party tonight and drink one for me :)


Thanks. I certainly will!

j meyer

Nicely done Nils. 8)

And Happy Birthday to both of you birthday-boys. Cheers. :)


Guess who is the oldest Gemini, 5/28/51. Happy Birthday to us!

Nice work!


Looks fantastic, Nils! And happy birthday to all!!!!


Wow, quite a birthday conflagration. Happy birthday to all of you!

Also the graffiti is a fun addition, definitely helps with realism (and more humor). :D

- Oshyan


This is so cool! Love the takeoff animation. I liked Airwolf when I was a kid. Haven't seen it in decades.


I'm looking forward to see the next steps ! :)
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Thanks all :)

Luc, I hope I use your tgd appropriately ... but looks promising so far :)

At the moment I am on several construction sites at the same time. I had big problems to correctly animate the helicopter parts. Each part made just what it wanted and I was really about to despair.
But finally I have the animation itself ready now and I can take care of scenes and props.

Here the first time that the rotors rotated correctly for the first time without deforming of the individual object parts:

Here some testshots of the terrain:
I had to do little changes in the original canyon tgd: find all reflective shaders, set them to minimum reflection and deactivate specular highlights. So I hope to reduce flickering to a minimum and I already could increase render speed about 5 times! Very important for rendering 1000 frames ;)

Here the final tests of a camera pivoting on the forecourt of the "Warehouse 13A".

As you can see I added some more props and the gate doors are beautified with some graffity now, too :)

In parallel I work on the warehouse interior and the artifacts inside (I don't know if you know about the TV show Warehouse 13 - I needed some seldom and strange, dangerous or famous vehicles for my "Warehouse 13A":

And last but not least a few small side actions are needed: In fact this is one of the most important scenes in every Airwolf start sequence ;D


...Did you know Christine and did you recognize her? :)

But there are not only dangerous types - there are "nice" artefacts / vehicles as well...
Perhaps someone knows this old friend:


the darkness is intended -- it's the time before the Airwolf crew arrives and all is offline in the darkness of a mysterious "Warehouse" of the Starfleet.

A little bit I am proud of having textured and painted Herbie on my own. The render-ready Herbies cost 70 $ minimum... I found a nice beetle for 5 $ and I freely modeled the paintings and design after a few photos from the Internet. Hope you like it, too :)