Airwolf will come!

Started by DocCharly65, May 22, 2019, 06:43:17 am

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May 22, 2019, 06:43:17 am Last Edit: May 22, 2019, 08:16:42 am by DocCharly65
Hope you have birthday or something like that, Oshyan... this is for you!  ;D!AvEpmvBUHi6qgrw8arYOuvPTJB4TGg

The Airwolf model is from "dartiste" on cgtrader (the artist I got the Airwolf suits from, too) and was fortunately for sale :)

This is in fact really only a test, if my skills are meanwhile high enough to animate the rotors of the helicopter for a stert procedure in blender. It was a little challenge to get them started slowly and increase the rotation speed (after the other challenge: to find - or better to correctly define the rotation point of all interconnected objects)

Now it is official! you'll get an Airwolf scene in my film :)

In the next months I will choose a nice hangar as the "Starfleets Warehouse 13a" where the helicopter is hidden... then go back to school learning about squarenoise rocks and deserts in TG... and so on....

But I hope you have a little bit anicipation with my little experimantal Blender-Export :)

... I almost forgot:
The pilots of course wear helmets... safety first :)

[attach=1]   [attach=2]*t! I saw it in this second... this very evil main rotor makes itself independent!  ::)  ;D ... I'll have to fix that...



Thanks Ulco :)

I already found the mistake: I confused global and local rotation and orientation of the objects...
By the way I changed the start to a start straight through the roof of the planned warehouse... (a bit closer to the series I think)
Additionally the tail rotor had to be speeded up before lift of... Or we would have driven carousel until we puked ...  :P  ;D

The camera is less moving this time because I wanted to see if the slight springing back of the landing gear looks reasonably good... I'm satisfied... for today!...  ;)

Fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride...!AvEpmvBUHi6qgrw9pkSA-9XLUO8kuA



Impressing!!!! Good job. You can clearly see, that it will look absolutely convincing with the appropriate lighting and motion blur!


Oh hell yeah!!! My birthday was back in March, but I'll consider this a late present, and thank you very much. :D

- Oshyan


May 26, 2019, 05:48:10 am #6 Last Edit: May 26, 2019, 05:51:24 am by DocCharly65
Thanks and nice to know that you like the concept, Oshyan :)

Big experiments these days...
Just for finding an adequate surrounding for the helicopter start I was shopping last week again ;D

My shopping list:
A set of canyons from the shop of Luc Bianco.
A Big Warehouse - I found a great modular pack wit some additional stuff by igblocks on cgtrader
Some lockers by weeray on cgtrader
and some office interior props by GamePoly on cgtrader

The biggest challenge was to get an oval funnel into Luc's canyon without destroying the node network in TG. I still don't know how all nodes work but I have now what I wanted. The warehouse is built into the mountain now. I will see how the border looks better: some concrete construction or overgrown with dead ivy and more dry plants...
The warehouse had to be modified. I cut a hole into the roof and the metal structure to get a kind of sunroof that will open when the helicopter starts or lands.
Later I'll add some stuff outside the warehouse like a few smaller sheds, unnecessary junk and all that stuff. An because Nadine is one of the pilots, there unfortunately must be a few small flowerbeds around the warehouse... nice and clean gravel paths... you know... ;)

This part of the film project will last quite long. But first steps are done. Here some Test renders from inside and outside:

The basin with the hangar in the overview:

and closer:

almost inside:

...and when the roof is closed:

And here is a concept how the helcopterstart could work  - just a quick Blender-Render export to test if the helicopter ever fits through the roof opening.
See for yourself: ;)
Comment: It's a not listed "secret" YouTube link I showed Nadine yesterday because it was her birthday ;)


It's all sooo cool, you even moved the little chopperwheels at takeoff! Congratulations, Nadine! And Nils, of course  ;)


Amazing!! That looks so cool! And congratulations from me as well.


Yes, this looks like exactly the sort of place Airwolf would hang out! :D Also the interior of the hangar/warehouse looks surprisingly good! The whole scene does. And finally, Happy Birthday to your co-pilot! :D

- Oshyan



Thank you all :) I forwarded the birthday wishes already ;D

Now it's time to wait, untill my brain has place for the detail-ideas and is relaxed enough to go on with this... it's full of other stuff at the moment so e.g. I still didn't finish the Galactica Bridge scene so far, I have to re-render the Dancing Borg-Queen because of the - I call it "MIXAMO-upgrade problem" ;) ... and some more things.

...and I hope this week a many months render will be finished ... surprise ;)


An update of the environmental development...


A third person will appear but I first have to generate his face - my oldest and best friend agreed to take part at this :) So I just added a second "me" as placeholder.

Some cars from my collection:
Aston Martin DB5 1963 from
Volkswagen Type 2 Black by 3d_molier International on turbosquid

Most important was the gravel on the place in front of the warehouse. Just my traditional combination of fakestone layers.
I added the first pops of my animated Wallis dry reeds.
Some pops of dirt items like rotten leaves, branches and old grass.
Also I used the ivy generator again and exchanged the original leaf textures by dry and rotten leaves or kept them out by setting opacity to 0.
Some boxes for Nadine to sit on: Sci-fi box 3D model by SkilHardRU
An some more stuff .. and a hidden "whatsit" you must find out on your own... I thought in a "Warehouse 13A" it MUST be there :)

in the coming weeks and months I'll care about some metal fence and what's around this area...


It's already looking quite detailed. I remain stupidly excited about this scene ;D

- Oshyan


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