Forest Sunrise

Started by sjefen, August 15, 2019, 07:08:33 am

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Overall a very lovely scene. I especially like the forested middle ground. I do find the large rock asset a bit too well lit as well, but that would be a minor correction were you to work further on the scene. The tree stump looks out of place and too large to my eyes, but once again that's the artist's decision. The overall lighting is romantic rather than 'realistic' and I appreciate the direction you're heading in. As to the 3D preview: I share your pain. Showing large poly counts in the viewport is problematic; TG does a decent job, but my experience with Vue and Houdini really isn't much better. I'd like to see some more 'management tools' to manipulate numerous large poly populations and hero objects, but development time is limited and the 'Roadmap' has other priorities. Hopefully you'll continue to pursue complex scenes like this, I really enjoy your work and your artistry.


Very beautiful picture!
I like the mood in the scenery, very calm.

The colours are also well aquainted to the whole scene.
Warm sunlight, rich colours, balanced which takes you away.



Great potential in this scene! I think I definitely feel what you are trying to achieve here, scenes like these are on my TG bucketlist too, so to say :)

Given your experience and TG expertise I think you can definitely pull off to make this more photorealistic.
At the moment I find the indirect lighting very bright and too green. Overall contrast is too low, especially if you consider how a photograph would look when made under similar lighting conditions in the real world.
As Hannes said it looks flat because of these two issues. The path tracer is vastly superior to the legacy renderer when it comes to shadow depth and indirect lighting accuracy, so this scene should definitely be a very suitable one for it.

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