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Started by Hannes, July 16, 2020, 04:19:11 am

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I mixed some ocean surface I already used before with some stuff of this thread:
and created some sort of stream. Still a simulation of a fluid simulation, but trying to get closer...


Wow, looks like a lot of work there with layering different noises and constraints. Looks really good! Curious about the technique.
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Cool, Hannes. Reminds me of this: river test
I like the shore foam!



You should try some warp by the obstacles (or standing waves) in the water. It should be possible to get the foam to kind of 'go around' the obstacles. I've done some experiments in that realm.... once.


Hmm, not sure how to do that. Maybe some warping masked by a simple shape shader?


Not a bad sim considering there's no fluid dynamics involved. Looks quite convincing. 8)


If you take your displacement from rocks in the water or at shoreline, and make a greyscale, it should work. Though I didn't use real fake stones but perlin or something in water (for standing waves) to get smoother masks. But that mask should be able to warp the foam.


Cool, thanks! I don't know, when I will be able to try that. I'm a bit busy at the moment, but I'll give it a try.

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8) Promising progress.


Quotereal fake stones
:) :) :)

Gotta love it.


Great work here. This is very convincing, actually, and I date say could be used in distant shots in production. The far shore water displacement looks like rapids breaking on the water. Maybe a tad too much displacement ferocity as you can notice a couple spots the water pops up above some rocks, but for the most part it looks very realistic.


Thanks again, guys!


Great work Hannes. I absolutely agree with WAS about the usage for distant shots in production.

james adamson

Thats awesome! Is that all done in Terragen?