Terragen 2 Release Announcement Discussion

Started by Oshyan, December 12, 2007, 07:10:04 PM

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It's an annoyance with making software, that as hard as you try there's always going to be this grotesquely pain in the arse bug that clings to your most beloved feature like it hasn't had a cuddle in a while. But whilst most software developers throw a few thousand pounds and an elite brigade of programmers and testers at their application to silence the bleeting lambs, planetside is a relatively tiny company with, as we've just been told by Jo, only one resident programmer and this isn't really adequate for a program that makes Flight Simulator X look like it was made by an elite brigade of the stupid army. So while I am also in favour of a fix to the memory leak I can also see that being constantly whined at for something that you know full well you need to release is, to partially quote Yahtzee, about as motivating as being slapped in the balls with your own dead dog.
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