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Started by Oshyan, December 12, 2007, 07:10:04 PM

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Planetside didn't let us in at the beginning of TG2.

Quote from: PG on May 27, 2008, 05:45:12 AM
...they let us in at the beginning of development...
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


It will cost more money then, than it does now to buy the final. 

Quote from: dandelO on May 27, 2008, 05:47:37 AM
...I'd like to see what it is I'll actually be buying in the end so, once the Gold release IS ready, consider me first in the queue to download the FREE TRIAL version for evaluation purposes. I hope it will convince me to buy, because I REALLY want to have this, potentialy amazing app, working to it's full ability so that I can work to mine. I won't waste my money though...
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


But if I pay now, I'm not getting the final for... maybe quite some time apparently.
That it's cost you at all, calico, is the problem. It has cost YOU money for this wait.

As for letting everyone in on the developement, I don't think anyone should have been, barring alpha testers. The general public would have had less cause to complain. A free and limited preview would have done great and everyone would have been happy with any update that was ready to come out, instead of a rushed job released, pretty much on demand to keep the disgruntled pre-paid users quiet for a week or two.
It must drive Matt/Jo/Oshyan nuts, 'give us transparency', 'give us multithreading', 'give us an update', etc. everyday on the forums. And the logical thing to do, is to release an update to keep the masses from complaining.
This just slows down final developement in the long run though because, more demands need to be met to get working updates(essentially temporary fixes) out to the people.
I'm glad it's not me trying to complete the task!


Well then by your logic, which I like by the way, if people stop complaining so often the team will be able to concentrate on getting the work done right, hell the latest update could've had a lot less problems if they'd debugged it for another week but then where would that leave the whiney public? More to whine about I guess.
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It's Catch-22, from the developers viewpoint. If they accept $ for a pre-release product, which finances their efforts, then they can expect to hear people complain. If they only release a free product, maybe they'll get less complaints, but then they won't have any income while they work on T2. It's tough either way. Ultimately, all we can do is be patient and wait until it's done.


Being a programmer and having been in IT technology for awhile, this was seen as a good opportunity to learn, as well as play with some revolutionary software.

To pay the amount I did, this meant knowing this time would be the way it is.  I wasn't deceived.  I paid to get the final ahead of time and to participate until the final came out, but this was without further obligation.  I don't have to post here or read the complaints, I don't have to use the software, and I can wait until it's primetime.  If I wanted to wait and get the golden product without doing a thing, then I could and I bet some have.

So, it doesn't make sense to me to "wait and see".  You'll pay more money, but that seems precocious to think that you'll save money that way and somehow avoid Planetside from giving us a poor product.  Planetside has every reason to complete this software and every reason to do well. 

Maybe you should reconsider your strategy.  For your own pocketbook's sake...

Quote from: dandelO on May 27, 2008, 09:34:02 AM
But if I pay now, I'm not getting the final for... maybe quite some time apparently.
That it's cost you at all, calico, is the problem. It has cost YOU money for this wait.
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


If you pay, the develoment would go a bit faster because they have more resources.
If you pay now, you only loose $200, if you buy it when finished you pay $600 or more (just a guess ofcourse).

If you wait, you loose time to practise, and you'll loose more money than now.
It's an investment... a lot of companies with some marketing insight would like an offer like this.

But it's your choise, I just gave the facts, not an opinion.


Terragen, like any other software product in the market at the end of the day will succeed or fail by its industry and consumer reputation, end of story. To that end then TG2 which is aimed as been a commercial application must deal with the demands of its market place, and be seen to innovate and adapt to the needs of the market it serves.

Planetside, then, like any other business entity have to engage on two fronts with their competitors and their customers and if they had them their eco system and channel partners; this balance is difficult but must be achieved in order to stay in business. In business a company must show that there is growth potential in its market segment in order to give its customers confidence in both the company and its product, which brings in increased revenue streams.

There seems to be a lot of blue sky thinking about at the moment as to what TG2 should morph into, why I say to most of it is run that idea up the flag pole and see who salutes it: we need people round these here parts with can do attitudes and not a bunch of girls how pitch a fit every five minutes, to put it mildly "Bad Show all round, old boy.).

I think we a fortunate indeed, to have what we have right now; I do not mind waiting as long as I know (Once in a while) what's going on but not at the expense of getting the work done on TG2 to quote Paul, Sr (OCC) "What was, was and what is, is, and what is...is what's happening right now".

its a simple equation people: Bad Products, leads to a bad reputation, a bad reputation leads to loss of revenue which leads to hanging an "out of business sign on the door and filing for bankruptcy.

Regards to you.

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I personally really love that a significant number of tg2 fans have enough funding to invest in the beta software, and by their work/statements  (good or bad) let all us poverty stricken louts who are in the majority know for free the graphic potential and technical details of the tg2 development. I have to justify the relatively extreme expenditure of $200 bucks for any software by some comercial return criteria. To tell the truth even though a couple of pre-pay artists can cite graphic pay dirt and at least several alph/beta users have created laudable and commercially credible images, I still remain unconvinced that in my creative world I can make money with the contemporary tg2 computer graphics tool.

TG2 has kept my interest for about two years now and I will continue to watch Planetside's admirable progress without complaint, and of course always down load their try outs. To certain pre-paid users who are a little to full of their brown nosed selves, money remains what talks and BS walks. The temptation to compete for technical and graphic "honors" among the elite investor crowd here just doesn't get me hot enough to leave my monthly gasoline addiction 200 dollars short. Maybe when I hear that the software is not driving the more pennywise pound conscious pre-payers nuts and the commercial level artwork is flowing a little more copiously, only then if I can say that I have the needed TG2 functions in my grasp, I might consider laying down a reasonable bet on this software. 



I'm understand, calico, but I really don't consider it a strategy I'd question myself on, hanging off until the final, I mean.
Yup, it'll be more expensive but it'll be titled 'finished' Sure, I'd like £100 pounds to upgrade, it's a fine price but, not really high priority for me, that 100 would be better off in my electricity meter so I could run my pc and use TP2 in the meantime.

It's the app for me, I know it, nothing comes close and no other program I've used is so pefectly logical to use. I have no problem with the waiting either, that's my point. I'm a happy bunny to have this program at all, I'm sure most folk would be happy to be GIVEN TP2 with it's limited functionability.

There's two sides to every coin though, it's great that people have used TG2 registered, to some truly amazing end, both commercially and personally, that would not have been possible without the pre-pay option.
And of course, PS have to keep the pennies rolling in somehow, it's just, it sounds a little backwards to do it this way. 'Buy this item! Only... It's not been made yet. Worry not, the money from your purchase will be used to make it for you, please wait...'



And, TG2TP2 free, is more than capable of extremely realistic work as it is.


Indeed it is, in fact it can create the same thing in terms of realism as the latest alpha released for pre-releasers. The benefit of paying upfront is more about the removal of restrictions and the free upgrades when they do come. An aris, no one said that you had to buy it, in fact there are fewer things I care less about, but don't go calling people brown nosed, it just ain't polite.
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I think he just meant 'funds', JimB. i.e. 'I don't have the funds to buy it, whereas others do'.
Anyone's opinions on brown nosing etc. though, can be kept to themselves as far as I'm concerned, no one should be here to bitch over one another.


I may not be perfectly qualified to make comments in this thread, but I've been reading this thread every now and then, and I'm amazed at how it would just not stop growing ;-)
However, the last 2 pages of the discussion though made me think that the "200 bucks paid" game card does not really weigh as heavy in the business space as some seem to think (in the private use / hobbyist space it's a little different).
But 200 bucks in SW investment in business - come on! That would even pay for itself if TG2 was just doing the best ....fake stones in the world. and nothing else. :D
As JimB wrote: if it gets stuff done well, so that a client buys the first shot....200 bucks, COME ON!  ;D