NWDA's 2022 Theme Challenge "HORIZONS"

Started by DannyG, April 03, 2022, 09:07:28 AM

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Indeed, so the entries should be rich in variety. Should be! Very curious.


Less than 30 days to finish up any entries Guys and Gals. I hope to see more Terragen entries! Good Luck
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I hope so too, but it's ominously quiet here :(


Perhaps everybody is heads down in creating the final image entry... :o

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Haha, or trying to decide if I really actually want to render yet another "final" image.


Tried to upload my entry through "Submissions" section on NWDA web site but that link has  been timing out for the last few days.  Finally sent it as attachment via the "contact us" link.


This is my fault. nwdachallenge domain is down, and IONOS pulled some shady stuff to keep the domain even though we were within the timeframe they told us, and the emails they said contradict that, never existed. Lol

Anyways, you can access the submission directly at https://nwdagroup.com/contest-submission/