A Brand New Day! --> 2400x1600 update

Started by Tangled-Universe, June 14, 2008, 12:24:05 pm

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Apparently we haven't yet seen the final... ;)

- Oshyan


Correct ;D

I've setup a new version, more visible flowers, no dropped buckets and I've added another populated area to cover the 'dead trees', which aren't meant to be dead trees by the way, but I'll show that all to you later guys ;)
There's also a cloud layer (not sure of that yet) and I've improved the Ivy.

There's only one letdown. There are thunderstorms here during the day and I don't feel up to leaving my computer switched on and rendering while I'm not at home. So I hope to finish the render somewhere this weekend :(



Quote from: efflux on July 03, 2008, 12:58:40 am
The vegetation fits great but I guess that's the high render settings. The foreground is exceptionally good. Maybe too many dead trees and I suspect you could have set up a more interesting composition but this is really good!

What's not so interesting about it? I mean, all the elements are well visible and balanced. Not a typical landscape/sky at 50/50 distribution for example.
The composition shows foreground detail, depth by various scales from grasses to decreasing size of trees together with a gentle haze.

Honestly I don't see what could be more interesting, unless you have a very very good suggestion ;) :P


@Tangled-Universe: an incoming Meteor with lots of fire and smoke!!! ;D ;)
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Ghehe yeah :P
I have to admit that would be quite a challenge :)


I can't wait to see the latest.  This image has to be in my top 10 of best TG2 images created yet.
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Thanks Moodflow :)

Unfortunately I ran into a couple of problems with this scene and I'm not sure whether it is due to the new version or personal failure.
Here's a crop of a testrender showing several problems, from left to right:

1) What's up with the intersection of the cloud with the populations?

2) Why do some flowers render completely and some don't?

3) Why doesn't the population rotate randomnly on it's Y-axis? Alle the trees have the same orientation :(

4) Why are the trees suddenly floating, while they were not before? I only added an extra PF-based terrain (3 in total now, was 2 before) with distance masking, all before the compute terrain.

This .tgd is 99% the same compared to the latest version and I don't understand these problems and haven't been able to resolve them.
Hope somebody can help.



July 09, 2008, 04:28:40 pm #37 Last Edit: July 09, 2008, 05:23:25 pm by Tangled-Universe
After some troubles with the 4th TP:

The final result!
Decided to give it an other name, why not :)

Original render is 1500x1000 px, would like to post it here, but don't know how yet...?
Detail 1, GI 2/2 with supersample prepass and blur radius @ 10.

Feel free to comment and/or ask, thanks for stopping by again!



Wow, great image! Nice flora, but the atmo and lighting are making this sooo realistic... Great Job!


awesome job.  also, a great place to upload high res large files is deviantart. 


very very good job !
at last the new IOTW ;)


Thanks guys :)

Quote from: neuspadrin on July 09, 2008, 04:59:18 pm
awesome job.  also, a great place to upload high res large files is deviantart. 

I do have an account at DA, but I think I can't hotlink images from DA into this forum, isn't it?
I want to insert an inline image here (it's about 950kb).



That's a truly amazing image. Well done.



Again, this is a beautiful image, and a great composition all around.

I liked the first version very much, but this is a great improvement. The fog really makes it great.  ;D

Nice job. +1 cookie for you