Multicore fix for TG1?

Started by Xathan, July 18, 2008, 08:27:04 am

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Hallo Forum,
I have a question about TerraGen1 (v0.9.43). I read that there is no multicore support but isn't it possible that you can create a fix to implement at least dualcore support?
I think I'm not the only one who would be glad if this is possible because I know some people using TG1.
I use Vista Home Premium with the newest TG1 version and own a quadcore and it's sad that it divides on all 4 cores but maximum peak is 25% which means only one core.
Or is there a program that can somehow connect the cpu power so TG1 can use it more efficiently?
And I don't want to start several instances at the same time but one image in less time.

Thx 4 reading.



We don't have any plans to multi-thread Terragen v0.9. It would take a considerable amount of time which we're currently focusing on TG2 development.

A utility that could take a .tgw and automatically break it into separate renderable parts for execution in multiple instances of TG would be easier to implement. We haven't made any plans to do that, however.

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