Floraworks groundcover Deluxe pack V1.5 UPDATED!

Started by lightning, July 20, 2008, 04:10:08 am

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July 20, 2008, 04:10:08 am Last Edit: August 16, 2008, 02:48:36 am by lightning
well here we go guys just finished uploading the two packs ;D
i think this is a must if you want to have great and realistic ground covers for terragen
at a small price of $15 for all these 29 high quality plants you would be hard put to find a better deal on the web ;)

formats include terragen native .tgo and obj wavefront for all other 3d programs :)

hope you buy this pack (you would  be mad not to ;D) and hope to see what you do with them ;D
this pack can be used for commercial projects :)

heres the link you can either pay by paypal or creditcard ;)

look below for more info on the pack

The update for the floraworks ground cover set is now available.
the updates include:
resized models to real world scales
better quality textures have been added to many of the plants.
wild daises have been remodeled to look more realistic
dandelions have been remodeled to look more realistic


July 20, 2008, 04:46:22 am #1 Last Edit: July 20, 2008, 05:58:30 am by cyphyr
Spent my money, your 15 bucks richer ;) I think you got the price point just right on this.
By the way, is the image to the right of your Floraworks header all done with your models?
Looking forward to more collections :)


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In less than 2 weeks I'll be joining the ranks of your customer base.
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Good luck with it Lightning, but I'd suggest re-doing your logo to say Floraworks  ;)

Modified:  Bought.
Some bits and bobs
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Yep I will also buy your goodies here soon.  Make sure I got the duckets in my bank first /smiles.....
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thankyou to all who have bought! ;D
most of the money will be going towards my website getting that started up
yeah i noticed a couple of typos with the picture i will redo the psd when i get home from school ::)


This looks fantastic. I too am curious if the images in your logo (not the example renders, but the more photoreal bits) are done using your models. If so it's extremely impressive.

- Oshyan


July 21, 2008, 04:25:04 am #8 Last Edit: July 21, 2008, 04:30:58 am by lightning
i want to thank everyone who has bought this model pack i really appreciate it a lot of the money has gone to the site me and Old blaggard are setting up so hopefully the site will be up and running smoothly by late november. I think floraworks will be a good edition to terragen users it will provide them with cheap and reasonable hq flora for there scenes people create. i am just a regular guy and hate to pay for thing like a lot of people here do :D but you cant have everything for free but i still will provide the community with my freebies so dont fret! but please support me when the site gets up and running without your help i wont suceed even if you just buy a pack of shrubs it helps heaps :)

p.s that picture to the right of my logo is actually a photo but my pack in the right hands such as Tangled-Universe or RAcher and many other great artists here could easily create something as real as that all the flowers and shrubs in that photo are provided in this pack with many better addons so render away!!! and please show me what you do with this pack ;D ;D


Hi Lightning,

Just wanted to add that i've purchased your model pack as well. Your price point makes it attractive to the hobbyist like me who can't justify paying large sums of money for objects. I think with this business model you will do quite well, especially seeing as the end result is of such high quality.

Good luck with floraworks lightning.


thanks reck really appreciated and have fun with the models! ;)


Hi Lightning,

I am having a bit of a problem actually. I set up a scene last night, a simple terrain with the camera placed 5 metres above the ground. I then loaded a grass population from an old object that I had lying around. It was slightly to big so I scaled it down just a touch. Once that was set up I loaded your nettles object as another population. The nettles that come in were massive. I tried scaling them down but they won't scale for some reason, even if I use extreme sclaes like -50 or -100 the nettles won't scale down. I tried one of your other objects as well, can't remember now of the top of my head which one, but I couldn't get this to scale down either. Any ideas? I can post some screenshots if it helps, or even a project file.

One other comment. When I loaded the object up I got some errors. There was a path in the colour tabs in a number of shaders pointing to a folder D:\floraworks\lightning if I remember correctly, no file name just the folder. I went through all the shaders and removed this path to stop the error messages popping up. Was this the best thing to do or should it have been pointing to an image file somewhere?


right the scale is an issue i am working on an i think i have fixed i will probably do a free update to the purchasers of this pack with true scale models
the textures is a real pain most other software do automatic recognisation of textures but terragen doesnt which is very anoying. to fix this go to the default tab and rassign the textures to the correct paths that should do the trick


July 24, 2008, 11:17:35 am #13 Last Edit: July 24, 2008, 11:26:50 am by Matt
Hi Lightning,

If you put the filename of your images without any paths in your shaders, Terragen will find them, as long as they are in the same folder as the object. If they are in a subfolder, such as "maps", include the name of the subfolder with the filename. e.g. "maps\leaf.tif". This is something you should do before you distribute the models - you only need to do it once - so that all of your users don't have to do this every time they load one of your objects. There's more detail about this in my earlier post.

Terragen usually tries to do all of the above when you create your objects, but it wouldn't have been able to do this if your images were in a completely separate path on your computer when you were setting it up. In that case, you just need to make a few changes yourself - it only needs to be done once - and you will save your users a lot of extra trouble.

EDIT:  In Preferences you can also set up content directories which Terragen will search for images, but that requires that your users set these up after installing your models. To save them the trouble, simply remove all the absolute path, like "D:\lightning..." etc. from your shaders.

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yes but the maps are in the smae folder as the models so shouldnt it pick them up automatically?