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Started by dandelO, October 05, 2008, 11:51:14 pm

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Thanks dandelO. An excellent archive of How-to's.

I hope I realise I don't exist before I apparently die.


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dandelO - What an excellent place to come to learn.  Your work on this is noteworthy and this thread alone is a very useful source of learning.  Not to mention fun.  Thank you for all of this detailed fruit from your labors.

It's things like this that I have forgotten exist, when people ask for direction to learn TG2.  I apologize for my oversight.
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Thaks for the great library of all five projects in issue number three, but didn't you say that this one would include the waterfall tgd and info?


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I Thank You as well. Noobs like me like to tear apart these files to see how they work,........................... now if I can remember how to put them back together  :P


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Thanks for your attention to my perhaps over zealous anticipation of getting an inside look at that very promising waterfall file of yours, and I am glad to hear that your pulling out of that emotional tailspin your describing. Hope you can still get on board the contest, because there yet remains a faily significant amount of time left, maybe even enough for a snail paced tg dork like me.


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Quote from: dandelO on June 21, 2009, 02:53:32 pm
As I said I'd do yesterday, I've put together a demonstration .tgd for the technique I used in my waterfall image last year... http://forums.planetside.co.uk/index.php?topic=5118.0
Consider it a bonus Public Library vol.3 file. :)

I don't have access to the original files so, this is the main outline that I've built just now, it's almost identical to that setup. There's a few exceptions, of course; The linked image above uses 2 water shaders(High/low) of different roughnesses. This one uses just one.
The original image also has different stone settings but, I think this way works better - 2 layers(high/low) = less distortion than stretching stones right over the crest, like I did before. :)

The .tgd is clearly labelled in all the required nodes. The scene is basically driven by one painted shader(Waterfall Lead Function), almost everything that follows is computed from this top painted shader node.

Please click 'generate now' in the heightfield generate node on opening the .tgd, this will be the background filler terrain, not anything to do with the waterfall.

The waterfall terrain is simply a 'displacement shader' on the planet surface that uses 'Waterfall Lead Function' for displacement - The water itself is a plane which does exactly the same but hovering very slightly above the terrain, and is skinned with a watershader. Simple, eh? ;)

Here's the waterfall.tgd preview at 400x300, 0.5 detail:


Thanks for looking/downloading! :)

Beautiful waterfall! I will be downloading this momentarily - shouldn't this thread be sticky'd?


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Whilst I'm here, I should add something I missed in the .tgd description above.

*** When using water shaders on objects(like the plane here for the waterfall), uncheck 'casts shadows' in the object. You don't want the solid shadow of the water object's surface being cast onto the underlying terrain.
The default 'Lake' object does not have 'cast shadows' checked, anyway, if you'd rather use that, I rarely do. ***


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