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Started by Tangled-Universe, April 02, 2009, 11:58:14 am

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April 02, 2009, 11:58:14 am Last Edit: January 04, 2010, 08:21:13 am by Tangled-Universe
Inspired by some episoded of Planet Earth. I recently bought it on Blu-ray and it's truly amazing :)
There is an episode about caves where you can see people actually base-jump into a 400m deep cave.
I tried to reproduce this a little bit. It's still a WIP. Especially the clouds in the background bother me quite much.

There are 7 different populations in this scene and "only" a couple of 100k instances.
Rendersettings: detail @ 1, AA 10 (MN filter), GI 2/2, 80 atmo samples and took 9 hours on my Q6600.

Thanks for stopping by!



 Beautiful Scene and Nicely setup Martin. I wonder how much faster it would render without the low clouds?
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Very nice populations and lighting.

So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


Thank you Jay :)

The clouds have edge sharpness 16 and density of 0.0025 and the quality setting is 1.46195 which results in just 48 samples.
Therefore I think the clouds do not add that much more rendertime, but maybe I should check that to be sure.

The reason for the somewhat long rendertime is the crazy detailed rockstructure (some redirects, strata, voronoi etc.). Together with GI 2/2 and detail @ 1 it is quite demanding.
I might decrease rockstructure complexity, since the majority is in the shadow, but you'll never know for future ideas so I'm happy it's already there :)



Great work Martin.  What really works for me is the close mist and the vegetation that seems wet really fits with the scene.  I am sure your rockface is amazing, but we will have to wait for another scene to really see all of it.  The only portion I don't like is the fog in the distance, it gets really solid around the trees and I wish it was more like the areas in the foreground.


Thanks Ryan!

You're absolutely right about the clouds/mist in the distance, hence my introduction-post for this image.
I'll see if I can make more justice for the rocks as well as improve the clouds/mist.



Lovely image, I can how you were inspired by the Planet Earth DVD. I too would like to see more of the rock face but as Ryan says that will have to wait for an other scene. I'd also like to see some variety in the tops of the distant fog bank, overly very flat, could you attach a redirect shader with a PF in the y axis, that might do it.
Great work

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very nice work, Martin... impressive rock wall and population/cloud control!


you should change your fog ... i don't know if anybody told you to but it would be a good idea ...

sorry :p

private joke



Beautiful render, nice variations in the trees as well.


Further work on this...

Made some adjustments to the displacements and I think they look much better now.
I reduced the size and increased density of all the populations to increase the sense of scale of the cave.

Also made some optimisations: rendertime is now "only" 4,5 hours :D

To do: reduce palm-size, increase overall density of populations slightly, work on colors of rocks and test rendersettings for better quality of populations.



spectacular render, Martin!

A matter of taste, but what I really would enjoy seeing is the rock having a greyish and partly moss covered rock surface. To my taste the red doesn't go so well with the rest of the scene. In my eyes, this would make the perfect image!



I agree with Frank about gray and some moss, but this is (as Franks says) a matter of taste.

Great lighting, once again.  I wish some of us would put together a lighting tutorial.  I've been messing with a combination of pretty cool lighting techniques I've learned over time from people in this forum.  It would be nice to get a better handle on this and you are one that does already understand lighting pretty well.
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


Thanks for the compliment and response Calico :)

I'll see what I can do about a kind of tutorial for lighting. I honestly don't do anything really special I think.
I just use some simple strategies, but maybe that's something I should write up then.

I'm working on the moss and coloring right now.
Depending on my plans tomorrow I'll render overnight or bigger (1920x1080?) and more detailed for a whole day.
Also depends on my own expectations :)