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Started by Tangled-Universe, April 02, 2009, 11:58:14 am

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I prefered the first palm population seed (with the big one on the lower left part) but the fog is far better ;)
nice job on the surface


I am in no hurry for the render or the tutorial, but I will be happy to see both.
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


Quote from: calico on April 03, 2009, 10:44:14 am
I agree with Frank about gray and some moss, but this is (as Franks says) a matter of taste.

Great lighting, once again.  I wish some of us would put together a lighting tutorial.  I've been messing with a combination of pretty cool lighting techniques I've learned over time from people in this forum.  It would be nice to get a better handle on this and you are one that does already understand lighting pretty well.

The new Wiki would be perfect for this. ;D

- Oshyan


Yes Osyhan, the wiki would be great for that and I already made a contribution to it, however regarding another topic.
I don't want to sound like a n00b but I don't really understand how to organize a wiki.
I added something to the tutorial section but I want that when people click on "tutorials" they than can click on a seperate link for articles I created, but now the complete text appears inmediately.
How do I do this properly?

I'm rendering a final version of this picture @ 1920x1080, detail 1 and GI 2/4. The render crashed after 7 hours, probably because of memory-issues.
TG used 3.05GB of RAM and 3.8GB of virtual memory. Then I receive a rundll32 error and saw that 2 of the 4 threads died.

So I'm rendering this in crops now, which will probably take quite some time...



Working with a Wiki does take some getting used to. Basically what you do when you want to create a new section is make an internal link to it (it's ok that it doesn't yet link to anything). Then save your edit and go back to the page and click on the link you made. It will automatically bring you into editing of that new page and create it for you once you save your changes. Then the link you made previously will lead there. So for example if you wanted to have a special Martin's Tutorials section, you would make a link to "Martin's Tutorials" from the main tutorial page, and then once you edit the new page, add link to your tutorials if they're off-site, or if you are going to be putting them into the Wiki itself as text, make links to *internal* pages for each one, then do as above, click on the links and edit the page, putting the contents of your tutorials in there. The Wiki can function well as both a collection of links, and an organizer of content.

- Oshyan


Ok guys,

I have made 5 attempts so far to render the final image of this little project.
Settings are:
Resolution = 1920x1080 (need a nice wallpaper for my new LCD-tv)
Detail = 1
AA = 12
GI = 2/4 (works faster than 3/3 and looks even a bit better)
7 highly detailed populations, about 400.000 instances in total (wild guess)

First I rendered it uncropped and it crashed after 8 hours when rundll32.exe requested to shut down TG2. Two threads were killed highly probable because of memory problems since TG2 was using 3.05GB of RAM and 3.9GB of pagefile ;D
Even croprenders use pretty much resources (see below) so it seems I really make TG2 cry for mercy now ;D 64-bit *cough* :) lol

Then I made 4 attemts to render vertical crops from 0 -> 0.4, 0.3 -> 0.7 and 0.6 -> 1.
However, my PC keeps crashing unexpectedly while TG2's RAM usage is "just" 2.4GB and pagefile = ~2.8GB.
It still has to do with these problems I have posted before:


I've checked my harddrives pretty thoroughly in the meantime and they really seem fine, so I now suspect my memory.
Maybe someone else has suggestions for problem solving? It would be greatly appreciated :)
In the meantime please be patient :)



Can you render at high resolution with lesser detail? Try 0.5 just for experimentation.

- Oshyan


Hi Oshyan,

I shall try that. What's the thought behind that? Just to reduce memory-usage?

Yesterday I installed a new harddrive and also installed XP x64 on that drive.
Rendering the same project with the same settings also resulted in a crash, so I'm at least now pretty sure my other harddrive is ok.

I'm running WinDiag memory-tester now at the moment to see if I can detect malfunctioning memory.
However, I'm not sure if it can map my 8 GB of RAM using WinDiag.
I have DDR2-800 memory and it's voltage is set at 1.80. Does anyone know if increasing voltage will make the memory more stable?
(if that's the problem)

I'm open to more suggestions.



thats really an amazing scene and render!


Quote from: Walli on April 07, 2009, 03:27:57 am
thats really an amazing scene and render!

Thanks Wallis :)
More to come soon! (hopefully :))


Well...I've been fiddling around with my pc for about the whole weekend.
I switched some RAM modules and I upped the voltages for CPU and RAM a bit (+5% and +10% resp.).
Don't know which of the 3 things actually did it but so far I had no crashes (knocks on wood infinitely).

So I finally managed to render almost the whole first 40% crop of the image, but then....TG2 crashed because the scene seemed to be too demanding :(
Attached are screencaptures of the error message and taskmanager-stats as well as a screenshot of the aborted render so far.
Unfortunately the resolution is greater than my screen so you won't be able to see the actual detail :(
Anyhow it will give you a nice impression so far :)

The error message appeared 4 times (one for each thread I assume?) and then as you can see in my taskmanager-screenshot you can see that TG2 becomes dead in the water.
I thought I could save the dead-render and continue with a crop then, but now TG2 can't abort the render anymore? :( :( :( Probably because there are no threads to close and TG2 can't handle that, don't know??

This is going to be pretty time-consuming all in all. Mainly because of my pc but this is also a good example why it would be fine to have 64-bit version of TG2 :)
Hope to be able to finish this scene within a week though.



This is going to be top notch ! :)
I love the subtle fog layer, very realistic.

I totally agree about the 64 bit version but I wouldn't hold your breath, I kind of think there will be quite a lot of work to get that going.

I'm sure you've optimized everything you can, cloud samples, population detail level, ray tracing, GI etc.

Good luck and looking forward to seeing the finished result.


Ryzen 9 3900X @3.79Ghz, 64Gb (TG4 benchmark 6:20)
i7 5930K @3.5Ghz, 32Gb (TG4 benchmark 13.44)


a stunner! fantastic, Martin!

Your patience is really put to a test here, if you're looking to get more crops rendered.
Have you looked in your temp folder if the crop has been saved there at all? Although, it probably hasn't.



Beautifully lush and convincing. Hope you can overcome the technological challenges to realising your vision.


If the render output is displaying at full size, can't you do a Print Screen and save it in say Photoshop?

That obviously won't work if you were rendering to an EXR or anything ... but it should work if you were rendering to an 8bit format.


Anyway - that's an incredible image! Hope you can get it finished in high rez. I've been showing it to friends to demonstrate the power of the software. They've been extremely impressed.