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May 29, 2009, 10:58:37 am Last Edit: May 29, 2009, 11:02:26 am by FrankB
I thought I'd quickly clean up my Renderosity Gallery and delete all the old images, upload the more recent one.
I totally forgot that they allow me to only upload 1 image a day.

That's quite ... hmmm... strict, but now comes the best part for me. Gave me a laugh: So renderosity told me that my upload limit has been exceeded, but that they have a paid option. So I looked into that, and that's what gave me a chuckle: If I agree to pay only $3 each month (plus $5 setup fee) I would be entitled to uploading a whopping 3 (!) images a day
;D ;D ;D

Unbelievable.... ;D


Yeah but it's a very good price, you know, it's a place where you receive such useful and sincere comments, you can only progress by going there !


Quote from: Rhalph on May 29, 2009, 11:04:25 am
Yeah but it's a very good price, you know, it's a place where you receive such useful and sincere comments, you can only progress by going there !

Rhaaaaaaaalph !!!!

RDR sux big time !
worst comments ever on this webs(h)ite

@Frank : go on Deviantart... I don't think there is an upload limit


Oh, really? Receiving a "5++++++++ hugz" when producing a two-click beginner image is bad? ;D


I'm just taking care of my gallery there. It's a huge community there still, and people who use other software have a place to see the works of Terragen 2, for example, and vice versa.

I don't think anyone should make fun of the people who post at rero, I bet they are friendly people all in all. I am not seeking comments in particular there and I am certainly not looking for advice at rero, that's what I use this forum for. However, my experiences with the people at rero have been very friendly, and that's something valuable in itself,  I think. I've made much worse experiences elsewhere.

What I'm amused about is the "rero company's" upload policy - that's all.



I received  administrator mails 2 times, warning me and telling me next time i will be banned because i gave technical critic once and technical advice the second time...
believe me Frank, it's not "friendly", it's kindly ass-licking...
but i understand your point of view and to be honest i keep posting there because i know some people don't go anywhere else than RDR... and i saw some good renders there too that i never saw anywhere else....


Wow, administrator warnings for simply helping someone understand how to make an image better? Seems critics are what you sometimes post them for. lol.

upload policy sounds stupid too, considering the mass amounts of other upload sites out there that are completely free to whatever you want within a very reasonable max file size limit.  I offload my renders to deviantart.


I don't really like Renderosity's  limit on C & C in the gallery, It would be handier to be able to sometimes continue one's dialogue (if it is needed) after an artist's reply. All in all I have made some good friendship contacts with several terrific artists, and value their comments even on terragen stuff. There is a lot of "You wash my back, and I will wash yours" boosting of egoes over there, but it is not always just lip service and certainly not what seth calls it.


I can't believe what I'm hearing here! I Buy All My Clothes at Renderosity!
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May 29, 2009, 01:03:08 pm #10 Last Edit: May 29, 2009, 01:09:00 pm by Seth
You're lucky guy arisdemos :)
What I see very often there is bad (very bad) renders with 3 to 5 pages of "Amaziiiiing render", "Incredible", "5 stars !!!!!!!!!"... if it's not ass-licking, i don't know what it is !
I don't say there are not skilled artists there but... a lot of people call themselves artists and don't accept any kind of critical comments... even when they obviously don't have a clue of how TG2 works !

edit : go to RDR, to the Terragen gallery and then choose "most commented" or "best ratings"... i say that's bullshit. sorry if i speak my mind.


Quote from: buzzzzz1 on May 29, 2009, 12:43:57 pm
I can't believe what I'm hearing here! I Buy All My Clothes at Renderosity!



Quote from: buzzzzz1 on May 29, 2009, 12:43:57 pm
I can't believe what I'm hearing here! I Buy All My Clothes at Renderosity!

'cos he's a "Dedicated Follower of Fashion" . . . "Oh, yes he is! la la la la".

ReRo . . . hmmm, no comment (I turned mine off because of all the backslapping, toe curling "I-want-to-have-your-baby" comments.) I find it hard enough to look in the mirror as it is. As you can plainly see.

I hope I realise I don't exist before I apparently die.


We've had this discussion about ReRo a few times over at the German-speaking Terragen community over the last years. Everyone said the same: it's a website full of brown-noses. And I wonder that apparently a lot of "artists" still upload their stuff there. I mean, helloooo...the whole thing reminds me of the Eurovision Song Contest - the more popular you are, the more votes you get. No matter how good your art/music is. I think a lot of people upload there to polish their ego, that's all...
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May 29, 2009, 09:57:35 pm #14 Last Edit: May 29, 2009, 10:10:11 pm by wetbanana
I don't like rendo I buy a few of my models from their that is it.......... I mean have you seen the site? it's awful I cant spend more than half an hour their before i get a head ache their is so much shit going on and the colour yeah maybe back in 2000 but come guys its a 'little' dated now. I have heard many stories about the nation of brown tongues and im not being horrible (well I am) but the quality of art well its rather hard to explain in words I have seen some really epic stuff their but the majority is pretty @$!%^.

I have seen a load of vue images are that just the defualt presets on the extras cd they may have just changed the camera angle hell some aint even done that! what skill is in that? NONE is the only word I can think of :o
yeah frank go to deviant art its cool! their are no upload limits or even size limits you get your own page which you can customize pretty well and the art their is top notch! also their is a Critiqueable section where you can submit your art to be but under the magnifying glass people give you tips and tell you what they thinks wrong and could be improved with your image ;D

if you join up my user name is wetbanana ;)

@ tumasch we have similar avatars ;D
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