correct process to import .chan data to camera?

Started by shadowphile, December 31, 2009, 06:50:07 pm

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Hi.  Playing with animation aspects of TG2.  I've successfully exported my terrain into Blender, created a camera path, and used a Blender script to export.  Location data looks good, haven't confirmed rotation data yet.  Chan file output columns confirm what I've learned.
Imported is my issue though.
I can successfully import a location file to the position fields, get a path in the 3D preview.
Attempting to import directly to the rotation fields however just loads the location data.  Shouldn't it know which columns represent rotation data?
Also trying the import tab.  That doesn't seem to work at all.  No errors, but the camera doesn't seem to respond either.
The timeline slider will work on the successfully loaded location channel, watching the camera object move across my landscape.  The TL slider doesn't do anything when I use the import tab though.


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Using "Import animation file" from the Animation button is not the same as importing a .chan file. Import animation file just reads the first 1, 2 or 3 columns from a text file, depending on whether the parameter is a 1d, 2d or 3d value. No conversion is done to or from Terragen's coordinate system, it just reads the raw values.

Importing a .chan file using the Import Chan File button is designed for specifically formatted files in Nuke .chan format but will also work with other variations. To diagnose the problem with reading  your .chan file without seeing at least one line from it. Were there any errors or warnings?

More information here:

I need to update this information with the new variations supported in 2.1, but if the data is formated as described in the above post it should work.

I can help figure out what the problem is if you let me see an excerpt of your .chan file.

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