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Started by Rudolfking, May 23, 2010, 04:32:08 am

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May 23, 2010, 04:32:08 am Last Edit: May 23, 2010, 05:01:44 am by Rudolfking
Hi all,
This is is my planned entry for the contest. The canyon is an old work of mine, then I used a tutorial to make it, now, 1.5 years later, I redesigned it "a bit" (worked on it more than a day). The texturing is in early state (I used a very simple image map rock texture shader).
I saw that there is no canyon WIP yet :), I don't know what chances do this project has against forests, and valleys, but I'll work on this, I like "canyoning".

A question: Is there any limitations on what order I must use when I stitch my images together (the correct camera path order, or I can change them to group the darker images to the right etc..)?

(On the images, I used a little sharpen effect.)


Hi and thanks for posting this. What are your plans with this scene goign forward, I'm curious :)

As for your question: please order the images from left to right, upper row, then bottom row, like how you would like the final camera path to be. Think of this like a story in a comic book is ordered.



The stone texture looks really great, but in the first and the last image there's some noticeable texture tiling. Maybe you can use two or more different image maps mixed (broken up) with some power fractal to make the tiling less visible.


Yes, my further work will be on displacing and texturing. I use strata shaders, power fractals now to create more realistic canyon surface, and the second step will be the texturing: More image maps, and fractals (to create moss, shoreline etc.) will be used to add colors to the wall.

(The images now are in order, the storyline is that the camera goes into a cave, and finally reaches out to a greater lake, where a small boat will float on the water.)


great idea, and realisation...keep going!

Zairyn Arsyn

the canyon & overhangs look good, so does the water, definately keep going. :)

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I agree - textures, lighting and even the water all look good.
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I refreshed the texturing, deleted the image map layer, and added Voronoi cracks and stratas (with twists and shears). I used a tutorial by Martin Huisman a year ago (canyon wall), and now I refined it (with days of work, and still not finished). Now the technical details are far different... I hope I can add some green patches, and of course work on the "river" bed. I need stones and some dry grasses, maybe.

C&C are welcome, thank you.

ps.: It is possible to vary the exposure using interpolation during an animation render, isn't it? I saw something like this in the TG2 sample video (St. Helens). In the cave I'll need it.


The displacements and colour of the rock are very convincing - great work!


Wow! This looks really great! The surface is fantastic!


yeah we can animate exposure, too. You should be able to supply target exposures for all six shots, though.



Would you be able to give some more hints on how you achieved that lovely surface? Or even perhaps a clip file? I'm currently working on something to which I would be interested to apply a surface like that.

Henry Blewer

The surfacing is quite well done :)
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I'm still working on it, and I'm not satisfied yet. As soon as it is near finished, I'll write a small conclusion. By the way, I used tutorials, too, for example:
In my case I have to refine all settings to my scene, and I have problems separating the two canyon walls because of the strata angle/direction. But, I need that cave :)
Now the texture is two simple merged fractal breakups. I need to add shoreline, etc.


Look forward both to your ideas and to see how this scene develops.  :)