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Started by dandelO, April 24, 2011, 11:04:37 pm

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I thought I'd try it on an imported object to see how it holds up. I think the motion looks even better on the tree.
The textures are a bit jaggy at the parts with dense leaves but that's due to my render detail of 0.5 and AA of only 2. The geometry holds up extremely well, I'm impressed.

Test on Walli's Pine01_1;

The method can only be used on planar objects i.e. leaves, grass blades, flags, streamer paper etc. As soon as the effect is added to an object with 3 dimensions it just displaces outwards from the normal of the surface, it doesn't actually bend it. So when using it on a tree model, you'd only add the wind function to the leaf shaders. Otherwise, you just get branches getting thicker and thinner as the noise rolls over them.

Oshyan: Thanks for the offer. No, I'm not using any GI at the moment, my little computer would be here forever rendering animations with high enough detail and GI to stop lighting discrepancies over frames. If I get anything together that I'd like help to render I'll give you a shout, very gratefully. :)


Yes, this a nice and subtle wind effect. Just the thing to liven up a heavily vegetated scene with a slow camera motion. Keep on experimenting!

- Oshyan


Great experiment, Martin. But... I wouldn't want to walk on your moving grass; it almost seems to attack you  :D. Not personally meant, of course. Have you tried a twist and shear or redirect shader to really bend the whole grass leaf/stem into one direction? Then you'd really have windblown grass. I might be tricky if the grass objects are rotated in 360 degrees, but there will be a way, I'm sure.


Fantastic experiments Martin :)
Too bad it can't be rendered with the raytracer!



Definetly looking better thats for sure.. Does this add to render time?


I'm in the middle of doubling the length of the trees and clouds animation. Another 60 frames = 2 more hours rendering so I'll update the video later once it's done. I'm on frame 90 of 120 just now...

Zairyn Arsyn

a while back i came across a CG video kind of like this, showing tree branches and leaves moving in the wind, but i cant remember the name of it or what software they used.
(i thought it was TG2 at first, :) & was wondering if it was by somebody on the forums here)  

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Themodman, nope. The time per frame is pretty much exactly the same with or without the wind effect. It's just a smooth fractal which bends each leaf via the displacement channel. Since leaves are generally planar objects only bending occurs, no actual normal displacement is being calculated that would bulk the objects up and add to render time. Nice, eh? :)


Vue does this with a simple checkbox and a wind speed/direction parameter. The thing is, Terragen can pretty much do everything Vue can(render wise, I mean, we don't have plant generation or unique instancing yet), you just need to tell it how to do it.
It's a shame that the model geometry can't be bent, maybe by altering the world position of the bending noise but, as soon as it's added to an object, the noise takes on the 'object normal' instead of the world coords.

Still, I think it looks very nice, for something that isn't an actual included feature of TG. Multiple objects all blowing gently in the wind would look fabulous, I think.


well I have 2 PC's with I7's in them, one is 920 and one is a 970 Extreme. Would you like me to render any sequences?
I have TG2 Deep Edition.


Quote from: dandelO on April 26, 2011, 12:58:12 pm

Still, I think it looks very nice, for something that isn't an actual included feature of TG. Multiple objects all blowing gently in the wind would look fabulous, I think.

I agree with you on that