warped image map

Started by Dune, October 05, 2011, 02:23:48 am

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If you warp a repeated image map of a horizontal stroke, you end up with something like the left bend. Would anyone know a way to warp (blue nodes?) to get something like the right bend? The image map has to angle according to the angle of the bend, somehow....


Hrm. Something to think about Ulco. Atm I'm not sure, but displacement to vector might be an avenue to explore.


Hi Jon,

If you have an idea or a hint, I'd be very happy (again). But I think a node would be needed where the angle of the image map (or a container) can be fed into by some other nodes. The blue nodes that do angles as well as the transform shader 'only' have a numerical input.

ASCOD finished to satisfaction, by the way?