A hobbit hole to Dvorak's 9th Symphony

Started by DocCharly65, August 13, 2018, 05:02:16 am

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I can echo most of Oshyan's praise. And this last intro looks so much better indeed! I really think you should somehow try to sell the final MOVIE to a broadcasting company (or is that old-fashioned?). At least enter it in some contests!


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Thank you :)
I am proud to get so much praise and interest to my little childhood dream...

Broadcasting will be a problem as long as copyright violations are punished harder than murder :)
And I'll keep the project non profit and noncommercial as long as possible. Otherwise I would need more time and money for lawyers than for the project itself. And if I include lawyers, sponsors and other donors it's natural, that they want the right to change things in the film or set deadlines to make it financially successful. And then I will loose all fun... then it's just a job.

Before I forget:  :)
Quote from: Dune on August 27, 2018, 01:28:41 am
... And this last intro looks so much better indeed!

This version should look better in fact because it's 1080i, 7000 kbs bitrate and cut with my latest Magix version. The last one was a fast shot done with MS Movie Maker in 720p 3000-4000 kbs. Maybe on some devices it starts playing by just clicking on the link but it should look much better and run smoother after downloading. One neverending problem is that the in Germany used 25 fps could stutter on some international devices. But I hope Quality is ok.


Hopefully you meant 1080p. 1080i is... antiquated. Abolish interlacing! :D

- Oshyan


Quote from: Oshyan on August 27, 2018, 03:18:13 pm
Hopefully you meant 1080p. 1080i is... antiquated. Abolish interlacing! :D

- Oshyan

uups! :)
It must be a little confusing error in the startup description of my video processing tool:
If you start your project with the settings 1920x1080@25fps it is shown as 1080i
The export as mp4 doesn't even offer an interlaced export - only progressive. A little bit confusing but I guess it must be 1080p.

If you choose the 1080p settings as project settings you need 50fps ... That is something for Peter Jackson himself - - for me to much to render ;D



Where is my jaw??
This is really stunning! The visuals are fantastic, and the music fits perfectly. Fantastic work! Hats off!


A beauty. The idea with the Enterprise revealed under the Hobbit hole is just great. Only problem with this is that is it just the intro. So ready for Part 1 now!  8)


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Thanks very much :)
I'll do my best but unfortunately it takes as long as it takes. And that is soooo long...  ::)

Last weekend I finished the remake of the paramount parody and wrote some additional music for the Intro (and the end titles). Besides I added some seconds of the star view for the speech of the elf. The scene you have seen when the eagle comes is too short for the LotR lyrics.

Also I tested some of the planned sound additions like birds, the goat, the Enterprise flyby, the enterprise starting warp engines and warping away. It works but I'm not satisfied so far.

And the biggest problem is the actors voices. I have purchased a voice changing program to speak the texts with different voices but I have not installed so far (I'm still a bit too scared - ok, it's almost too cowardly to speak the texts.  ;)  )

Meanwhile I do another (in my eyes) a little bit boring job: Blender animations of speaking persons for some dialogs. I am not really good with this but I started it - now I want to finish it...

But I'll keep you updated on the latest little advances. :)


Well, if there's one person that has perseverence baked into his character, it's you. Good luck with the voices!


Cross your fingers my dear friends!
Still waiting for the safari renders (another 2-4 weeks necessary...) I did my first test with voiceover recording...

As you will see, Ulco was right in another post: It's epic ... yes - the voiceover of Bilbo Kirks Speech is an "EPIC DESASTER"  :'(

But I like the elves monolog... could have been worse. It's just my voice recorded with a higher quality dictaphone, then resampled and added some hall/echo.
The parodied "Paramount" animation is completely re-rendered with integrated "Poolduck"  lettering (I created with wings3d)
The intro soundtrack is my own, I prepared for the end credits. That one of course will be much longer.

And as you can see I reactivated and renamed my YouTube channel... Let's see, if I nage to avoid any copyright problems with announcing it as a nonprofit and noncommercial fanfilm this time.

With the voices I will get real trouble in future. I'll have to set up a rudimentary recording studio. Room reverberation and background noise must be limited from the outset. This is not possible in my current facility. By the way: The voice-morphing tool I bought a few months ago is crap!  :P ::)


Wow! What more can I say? You have a gift to centre attention exactly to what is needed at the right time, and keep the viewer smiling. I like the goat!
The only thing I have trouble with is understanding what the voice says, hard to hear, except for a few words here and there...


Jaw dropping!!!! Incredible work, Nils!!
But I agree with Ulco. The narrator's voice is very hard to understand.


Thanks and I absolutely agree... as I said an acoustic desaster  ::) ;D

I'll need much better recordings.
It was a test in multiple ways:
a.) Test the possibilities of my existing technology
b.) To check the requirements for the technology
c.) To check how I must split and integrate the text passages into the animation.

On one side the result is a bit frustrating because "a:)" is a really big fail.
On the other side I was very unsure if I would ever get integrated all the text that Matt and I had worked out for so long. (Means c.) was a partly success)

...and b.) is just a result:

My experiment with the following device is ended from now (https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B0791GW6P1/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1)
I bought this for noise recording because I will need much more sounds in the film, which I don't want to buy. But the device is now proven to be the worst choice for voice recording

The new plan:
I'll reactivate my old i3 PC in a seperate room with my new ordered mic: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B06XNQVCKG/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1


Nice video Nils.

Regarding the sound... I had much better voice recording from an ordinary headphone mic.
It wasn't great of course but it was sufficient for what we did.
Is that sound without processing the same (bad)? Did you record it too close? Looks like there is clipping...