Airwolf will come!

Started by DocCharly65, May 22, 2019, 06:43:17 am

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ohh and the car from Knight Rider! My favorite show... :D
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Knight Rider and Airwolf together!? The fanboys will riot! 😄🤣

Really looking fantastic though. And did you path trace the visor scene?

- Oshyan


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Thx :)

No Oshyan, so far I still stick to 4.1.24 because my maintenance period was over before the updates came out.
At the moment I had to renew some PC equipment with my budget so I am waiting for some special features before I will invest in software: like object motion blur, some more lense flare options... ;)

But anyway I am in absoltultely desperate learning and researching stress with the outside scenes here... the light conditions combined with very variing model quality in a procedural canyon like this and my as usual extreme camera paths will cost me many many weeks of testing and rerendering again and again.

Most annoing is that sometimes mistakes appear in higher resolution /AA renders at first time so that all testrenders - even animation tests are almost useless...

At the moment I am learning and experimenting with Ray Detail Region, funny popping up shadows of mountains wihich even don't exist... flickering reflections though switched off spec highlights (at first it seemed only to happen with self illuminated objects with a value above "1" - but now I found out it also happens if light sources illuminate surfaces highly even if the light sources are set to don't cause spec highlights)...

...besides there's Murphy's law! Usually you find these mistakes only after rendering 2-4 weeks. The corrections you have to do are always those kind of changes which force you to a.) rerender the complete 500 frames animation  from the 1rst frame. And b.) the changes additionally force you to rerender 5-10 other animations because light conditions or props change in a way that you can't keep the other animations for logical or script/plot- reasons...  :P ::) :-\

Just too many construction sites to work so that I am not interested in any new features - sorry :)

But I'll try to not give up... all that has just grown too big...

... and it grows... because in a canyon THIS TV SHOW HAS TO BE MENTIONED:

I found the foto of this sign in Internet and I just wanted it ;D
That means this sign in a bit different way does really exist!
...only an experimental still shot ... You may guess who will appear behind the sign a few frames later passing over... ;) story planned only passing the scene. Otherwise it would destroy the film script...


Warehouse 13A?
One more sci-fi theme worked into the mix.  Love it!  :D  :D


 ;D Don't get overworked, Nils! I truly wouldn't want you to get sick or anything bad!!

j meyer

 ;D Haha, nice sign.
Beep beep!


Hahaha! The coyote sign is fantastic.

- Oshyan


Perhaps some of us can help to render some frames for you?
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Thanks all :)

archonforest thanks for the offer - That would have been possible at the beginning about 6-7 years ago. Meanwhile my home network and so my paths to the models as well are so comp├╝licated that it would not make sense. For the helicopter start sequence render there're approx. 6000 different objects on different servers with additional 3000 animated illumination maps... Here I have a strange kind of overview where everything is ... I don't know why --- usually everyone incl. me should get lost in my object and texture chaos ;D

Anyway meanwhile the real problem is not the render time it self - it's my skills which are lower as your compliment let me sometimes think. I too often make mistakes and have to rerender because of stupidity (or just missing knowledge or experience)

But thanks for the offer :)

...and of course a little update:
I hope the final version of the coyote warning... some rusty bolds and some more dirt...
Animation is rendering:


... and many more will follow ;)


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In the meantime, hopefully, from this perspective I will get a largely flawless animation, too...
Last but not least, I did without the exaggeratedly clean chrome parts to get rid of the flickering and it's a bit more realistic. Fortunately I found out the correct car license plate for the Austin... Of course, the license plate is self made even though it was not easy to get the correct font.

Only some 0.2 detail x AA2 renders of the 550 Frames anim:






The lamp on the right side will look a bit better finally. I have modified the textures a bit :)



This is looking very good
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Amiga 1200 8Mb ram, 8Gb ssd


July 07, 2019, 04:29:07 pm #43 Last Edit: July 07, 2019, 04:32:01 pm by DocCharly65

but at the moment despair is regaining its upper hand.
Since 3 days I try to find out why THIS happens:
(I rendered only with Detail 0.2 / AA2 since the problem arose)

Fame 1 ok...

Frame 61 ... what the... is this?

From 65 some frames ok again... then again the "blue hole" where the landscape is not rendered.
And it's always at the upper borders of a render bucket. (a smaller defective area is beneath the radio tower)

I already tried:
change camera position: Result --- mistake moves just to some frames later in the animation
I tried all setting versions of Ray Detail Region: Result: no change
Different settings for Ray Detail Region padding: Result: no change
Different settings with GI without GI. Result: no change
Cropping the region: Defective area gets smaller! - but doesn't goes away.

Now it blows me away: Rendered the bad frame 61
And only because of my suspicion of a context with the bucket borders, I have changed the preset bucket size of 256x256 to 512x512:

... this frame was ok now...
does anyone know, what is going on there? I found nothing about bucket settings here
And does this workaround make sense -  or will my workaround cause the breakdown of the whole internet, worldwide power failure or world war 3?


This is most likely due to extreme displacement and you need to increase Displacement Tolerance in the Planet node's settings to fix it. It will increase render time. Start with a value of 1.2 or something. You can try up to 2, but above that the render time hit can be pretty high. And keep in mind this issue unfortunately may not show up in crop renders, so you will need to do full frame tests to make sure you've fixed it. On the plus side (maybe), you can return all the Ray Detail Region, GI Padding, etc. to what they were before, they're not responsible.

- Oshyan