Your Top 5 Most Wanted Features

Started by RArcher, April 27, 2009, 10:58:27 am

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Most of what I want has been mentioned, however I would love "insert clip file" as an option in node network context menu.


1. ability to rotate a heightfield
2. diff X,Y edge values for heightfield edge blending
3. multiple ROI sectors for rendering preview
4. for populations - select from an arbitrary large number of preloaded objects
5. multiple floors - to allow heightfields to be on top of each other. To create interior elements....
   - where range where a given heightfield is used is set by simple height rules including similar to underlying intersection mechanism


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Quote from: dandelO on April 29, 2009, 11:44:50 am

  • TG3

lol completely disagreed ... we only get free upgrades within TG2 ... so as far as i am concerned i am happy to work with TG2. in 2100 :)

However what I completely forgot in my wishlist:

- Renderpasses !!!!!
- proper export for procedurally generated objects (including shading - basic colormapping for navigation would be fine) as obj to work 
  accurately with e.g. FX tools like Houdini (i know this isn't easy, btu this is a wishlist, right?!)



Here's mine: in no special order:

The ability to insert a clip file from the right click context menu in the node network with the inserted nodes translated to approximately the click from location.  Would need to work at any level so that clips could be inserted directly into an object's Parts Shader.

An array population:  i.e. I would like 20 rows separated by this distance each containing 100 instances of the object separated by that distance. It would still need to be possible to apply random scaling and rotation to the individual instances as with normal populations, local random position variation would also be useful as would stepped rotation. 

Get Instance Variable: I'm not sure what to call this one but here's how it would work:  Each instance within a population would have a random number between zero and one assigned to it which could be accessed via a Get Instance Variable node, this could then be passed to a conditional or blend shader.  This would allow per instance colour variation and a whole host or related effects.  This would also have the potential to control the object loaded at each instance which may be a more flexible way of implementing Unique Variations.

Variable transparency for both the default shader and image maps containing the appropriate alpha channel.

Sub Surface Scattering: Even if it takes ages to render, we used to have to wait days for big fluffy clouds and after all you don't have to use it.
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I'm fairly happy with the power this program has. I still consider myself a beginner.
I would like to be able to stop a render at any time, then re-start the render from that point.
My computer has a Pentium 4 hyperthread cpu. A decent render can take 8 to 20 hours (1 thread). I would love to get a newer computer, but I can't afford it.
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Quote from: kaisersuzuki on April 30, 2009, 12:21:54 am
Most of what I want has been mentioned, however I would love "insert clip file" as an option in node network context menu.

I second this!!!!  I've been wanting this for a while.
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1. As I really like sky/clouds, it would be nice to apply virtual filters to the camera - e.g. a polarising filter - that would make them really pop.

2. Similarly, DOF through the camera - virtual focus + virtual f-stops

3. Oh, and of course, ability to stop renders and re-start after program closure.


Quote from: JimB on April 29, 2009, 12:07:31 pm
When saving a scene, the render preview window is grabbed and saved as an icon image for the file itself. So, when you go to load a scene, you can have at least an idea of what the file is through a little piccy.

That would be a magnificent.

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Like Bryce do, sipmle save and reload the preview as image-file.




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Three I can think of...

1) User customizable menus with the option to add new menu branches.  Maybe something like Lightwave Modeler.

2) A blinking "copy this view to the current render camera" icon when the camera position has moved.  Just a better indicator of something should be done before starting a render. 

3) A render view stacking system.  You do several renders and can simply look at each image via a drop-down menu (on the viewer) to compare them (and save one's you want to keep.)  Oh, and a clear image stack option if it gets too much of a memory hog or you're just done with them.

I just had a thought -- maybe there's already a way to do this -- but referring to #2, maybe a "always update render camera" option?
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1.  Multiproc support in the 3d preview
2.  More documentation
2.  64-bit support
3.  Wireframes


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I would really like to see the 3Dconnexion's SpaceNavigator/3d mouse work with Terragen 2 for 3D navigation. This would make it easier to fly around and look for interesting areas on the planet for setting up shots or animation paths. That's assuming Planetside can improve the speed in the perspective view in Terragen nearer to real time. ;D


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- Object Wireframes in Preview
- drop single imported Objects on Ground and where the Camera is, not at Position 0,0,0
- 64 bit Support
- more Perspectives on one Screen ( front - top - side ) - with Movie-Paths in all views
- an installable Network-Rendernode for Movie-Renderings  and also for big single Pictures(or first a detailed workthrough how to set up a free 3rd Party Renderer - I haven't managed to do this yet. And it seems there is no officially Support of one of them to TG2)

Oh I forgot one - unfortunately that are six now - more Import-Formats: with Poser-Senes and Objects