Airwolf will come!

Started by DocCharly65, May 22, 2019, 06:43:17 am

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Good idea. Or make it really modern, like graffiti speech.

j meyer

Ornaments would be nice indeed.
And something to indicate the explosion, maybe musically or with a comic like
boom or bang in a star-shape or so. Just a thought.
Keep rocking Nils.



an animation to recognize (though not directly see) the explosion is already in the pipeline.

Last hour I checked both videos on the big TV and what is unbelievable: The version with the subtitles looks better there.
Maybe the black boards version looks better on small monitors, tablets and mobiles...

Anyway I saw again that the quality of my fast cut Microsoft Movie Maker versions is really crap...  :P
Too much stuttering. It's really only a raw test of the concept.

So I'll have to wait until all render jobs are finished and I can test the final cut.
That means the question if I use subtitles or black boards is still open  ::)


I think I like the "speech card" version better than subtitles myself, but I'm watching on a mere 15" laptop screen. :D

Regardless it all looks awesome overall! Especially the Airwolf exterior stuff and the Wile E. Coyote character movement. I only wish I could see the explosion. ;) 

- Oshyan


Oshyan - promised you'll get a better way to recognize the explosion but not the direct view... perhaps later in some years ;)

And you'll see a tiny little bit more trouble caused by the coyote - An explosion is not the only classic stuff of torturing Wile E. Coyote ;D

And as promised I re-uploaded the old Magnum stuff on youtube.
Some of you will know it already but it is a little help to understand how the story leads to the Airwolf scene.
I described a little bit of the animation's history and the future plans on the channel description.

... or just have fun :)


;D ;D ;D ;D  I love that part where he's smoking in his vehicle. And the subtitles here. And all those details!



I first thought, it will be not so easy to keep the titles in the film... on the other side I could keep them as a kind of parody on advertisings in films - e.g. the fictitious TV show "Magum S.I." directly as fictitious advertising in my film. 8)

... and once again --- you have inspired my spirit ;D :)



Sometimes I feel there is only so much I can say how much I love your videos. But I have to keep saying it. :D The humor is great, but without the amazing execution of the environments and animation it wouldn't work nearly as well. I do wish the chase scene sped up a bit more for a better sense of excitement, but it's really well done anyway. :) (and yes the "hotbox" scene is great, haha)

- Oshyan


This is really stunning!!!! These details are so good!


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Thanks :)

Oshyan, due to the changes in the "script" I'll anyway have to change the cut of the scene. So I hope I can increase the frame rate in the video editing software. It's a bit tricky to keep the quality - as you can see the raw test cuts I often do with Microsofts Movie Maker have quite low quality and are stuttering extremely. It's a jugglers job with the different frame rates. I basically try to get an average framerate of 25 fps but the software sometimes resets it to 29.95 or 24 or other values and then it stutters... weird!

Yesterday I got the last needed cable to reactivate my old "music studio" for the re-arrangement of the Airwolf theme. On weekend I want to connect the old JBL active speakers I still have in one of my moving boxes :)  I already played around a bit with my new Samplitude Midi software... promising but much to do.

Later I'll finish the animation parts showing what happens to Doc's shuttle and the Airwolf. I must take care that I don't change the overall style, quality  and look of the scene in the jungle too much with the new possibilities of TG since 2016.

In parallel I finish many missing animations for the first third of the final film: Klingons, the Borg cube, the Valkyries planet...

Also again and again I get some new ideas for details of the story like what happens on the discovery at Jupiter, and last but not least connect all storylines with each other.

That's the plan :)

I'm a little sad that it keeps my TG learning curve a bit flat at the moment, because all these activities mean working on already existing scenes. I hope anyway I'll find time to look into that great new "Function Nodes In Practice". That was something I always dreamed about in the past to find something like this! -- Great idea - that forum part!


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Today very close to "topic missed"... :)

But anyway it's part of the way and perhaps the one or the other is interested anyway: A screenshot what is happening on one of my PCs at the moment since two weeks:


At the moment I check all versions I could cut the Helicopter start and already had to redo some animations I don't like any more. Also of course the sound and music has to be synchronized. I hope with crediting the original composer and having done an own remix I'll comply with the copyright regulations.

This is what I started with:

airwolf basic

I think found it on *.mid should play on most PCs with sound device and the usually installed General Midi device but it is anyway very basic.

Within the last week I had to re- learn some of my for many years lost midi and music skills. My first aim is not to get a perfect new version but good enough to be not ashamed ;)

The length is almost good, and all track are - let's call it "retextured" with new instruments - some more details and I'll restart a new cut of the Helicopter start. Then integrate the Admirals advise, the introducing of the Warehouse 13A,  the coyote's catastrophe - and we're on the finish line of the final version...

The actual version from tonight:


uups... it was too big to be added to the last post...  :P ::)

ok here it comes:

Airwolf Theme 191022


Quote from: DocCharly65 on October 22, 2019, 01:56:04 amuups... it was too big to be added to the last post...  :P ::)

ok here it comes:

Airwolf Theme 191022

I love synth so, already love your midi remake.


Quote from: WAS on October 26, 2019, 03:36:00 pmI love synth so, already love your midi remake.
I'll do my best :) A better update is already done but cutting the complete scene including the Admiral, Enterprise Airwolf and Coyote is after over 20 hours of work still in progress... not easy to get me satisfied with the result ;)