Airwolf will come!

Started by DocCharly65, May 22, 2019, 06:43:17 am

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Still not listed (waiting for permission for the music)
But the 1000 frames monster render job is finished!  :)

Welcome my old friend Sgt. Baskim Abazovsky as Nadine's and my boss ... and don't try the code! NSA will ring your doorbell  within seconds if you do! ;D ;D

still much to do but I'm just in the mood to share my actual happieness about another little step - have fun:

In the meantime I am working on a workaround to get the rotors blurred - and ONLY the rotors!... another 2000-3000 frames plus the sam amount of masks to render but it seems to work. That means at least technically I found a solution but I don't know if it looks good untill it's finished and cut and blended and mixed...

I found the solution when I tried to find a masking solution to get rid of the sun shining through the helicopter in the last 100 frames of the start animation. I must strictly divide the render jobs because of the different camera settings per object and had many experiments to do with the renderlayer node... I should have tried this earlier ... but my learning curve has it's own will ;D

Now again... cross your fingers. Not that it works - because it does - but because I don't know if it will look good.
If it doesn't look better than what I have now it's no catastrophy but a pity for the effort.


You're the 8th World Wonder! Absolutely stunning. I am much in awe of your skills. The little details (rodent, etc) are awesome too, love them.


Wow, this is very very cool!!!
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Amazing!!!!! I love all the little details. Awesome!

j meyer

 8) Great effort, applause.  :)


Hello DocCharly65,

it is really hard to believe that this is a ONE MAN SHOW!!!
Does your day have more than the 24 hours the rest of have to deal with?

Time to comment once more how much I like the stuff you do.
And how much I am impressed what is possible with TG it seems.
The ideas, concepts and the fine litlle funny details. But most of all I like your camera animation work, I think.
The movements look very much film-like to me. I enjoy everymovie you release.
Actually so much, that I don`t care that much about a possible final cut :)
Keep`em coming!

CHeers, Klaus
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Lots to hard work to look at ! NICE


Thank you my friends - your praise is an honor and pleasure :)

Ulco I can only repeat: thanks to you because of the animated waves, Hannes with his tipp about mixomi-anims or Luc Bianco's canyon. What I'm in fact a little proud of, is that I didn't destroy the tgd's completely and that I like to (and luckily can) tell stories with little trivialities ;) Seems my real and biggest talent is to hide imperfections of my true TG skills by these trivialities ;D

But in any case your encouragement and all this confirmation again and again gives me strength, ideas and a feeling of home in this forum.

Making the Airwolf scene will last a little further. The YT video is only the concept I just cut with the MS Moviemaker.

I'll add some more seconds of details while the pilots are getting into the Helicopter. The rock basin will be introduced and of course you'll get a more detailed tour of the Warehouse entrance hall with some of the artifacts. Unfortunately I still lack the time and the skills for a complete tour (as evrybody knows, Warehouse 13A is still miles long in the rocks, where the really rare and dangerous artifacts are stored ;)  )

Recently added animation idea: The first look inside the Warehouse will fall on this plate and zoom back until Airwolf is completely visible.


Later but I am not really sure at this moment something could appear from the dark depth of my brain... something like a little conclusion what happened to the coyote while the helicopter started... only a short sequence about the result of his actions - no more details today :)


Echo what everyone else said. Simply amazing work! I especially like the spider being blown away from the wind. :D

- Oshyan


Thanks Oshyan :)
When I had the idea I was almost sure that the spider would make you lough ;D


Hah! You know me well by now. Especially this whole Airwolf sequence tickles me very much. :D

- Oshyan


Quote from: Oshyan on July 26, 2019, 01:45:20 am
Hah! You know me well by now. Especially this whole Airwolf sequence tickles me very much. :D

- Oshyan

I saw the spider and the debris move and was like "Not the spider!" haha


Only a little coyote update today...

You already know our little friend made of plush and his slight affinity to explosives and boxes with the inscription: ... well you know ...


usually I would have preferred to keep it secret as long as possible, but I don't want to be forced to re-render a complete scene because of too weak-minded lettering ;D
I hope it's mostly correct what's written on the backside of the Coyote Warning plate...

In the final film you will not see much more than the count down ... and a clear sound backdrop  ;)
... ok - - perhaps you will see a small flash of an explosion in the mirror image of the LED indicator...




Disaster... cool, Nils. Unless you mean a mix between disaster and demolition  ;)


Quote from: Dune on July 30, 2019, 01:19:49 am
Disaster... cool, Nils. Unless you mean a mix between disaster and demolition  ;)

... haha ;D
thanks Ulco... I knew I would have a mistake somewhere  ??? ;D
...will be corrected tonight after coming home from office...