Airwolf will come!

Started by DocCharly65, May 22, 2019, 06:43:17 am

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This all looks incredibly cool!!!


Thanks masonspappy :)

At the moment I have to be very very patient because there are many renders running and I don't want to find too many little changes to do too often... ;)

Just a little hint what will come... (but not only that... :) )

A little craftsman lesson... Believe me! THIS WILL NOT WORK!!!


... and here the irrefutable proof!




I justed noticed the portal robot dude  :o hahaha Notice something new every time. I tried to upload a screenshot of him all zoomed in on my phone but figured I'd spare PlanetSide a 4k PNG screenshot. :O Yikes. I wish I could change that without going into image editors.

Also new post didn't take me to the new posts..... Omg love the latest two snapshots.... lOl. Also I really like the feed in the jar for some reason. Looks really good.
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