Airwolf will come!

Started by DocCharly65, May 22, 2019, 06:43:17 am

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This all looks incredibly cool!!!


Thanks masonspappy :)

At the moment I have to be very very patient because there are many renders running and I don't want to find too many little changes to do too often... ;)

Just a little hint what will come... (but not only that... :) )

A little craftsman lesson... Believe me! THIS WILL NOT WORK!!!


... and here the irrefutable proof!




I justed noticed the portal robot dude  :o hahaha Notice something new every time. I tried to upload a screenshot of him all zoomed in on my phone but figured I'd spare PlanetSide a 4k PNG screenshot. :O Yikes. I wish I could change that without going into image editors.

Also new post didn't take me to the new posts..... Omg love the latest two snapshots.... lOl. Also I really like the feed in the jar for some reason. Looks really good.

j meyer

;D  Poor old Wile E., but maybe he needs it.


Thanks :)

In fact I am thinking about giving the coyote a central role in the final showdown... I guess it should work, because I will need 7-10 years to get there so my skills and the PC technology should be able to manage my idea... I have some plans with a mass brawl ... big fight with the end boss - and the coyote will save the day as the biggest hero...  ;)

But for today only a small step forward that unfortunately throws me back a little bit.
I found a solution for a kind of blurred helicopter rotors. It's still not really perfect, but now I can live with it.
But now I'll (have to ;) ) try if this works with the Airwolf start and the flight over the seal, too... many many new frames :)

What I did:

these frames and masks composited:

Temp_0001.jpg  Temp_0001.jpg  temp.tgSurfAlpha.0001.jpg  Temp_0001.jpg  temp.tgAlpha.0001.jpg

get this as result
this is a test in Corelpaint (the for me affordable Photoshop :) )
Important was to render all Helicopter parts without any blur and add the blur effect (just Gaussian blur) at last.


Still physically not really correct because it's not a real motion blur of the rotors but I can live with it. Thinking about the physics of that kind of motion blur (different effective speed depending on the radius) I think I'll give Matt some more time for motion blur of objects --  I couldn't calculate it ;D

The most progress I achieved by finally practising and dealing with the render layer nodes... cool tool! :)

And the final result composited in Magix Video:

Sorry - with consideration for the unexplained music copyright situation unlisted again, so no possibility to like on youtube :)
But the link should work -- have fun...


Getting better and better! Did you rotate the rotor alpha image in an animated way? Maybe you could also load a series of low poly alpha images each fading into eachother in animation, giving a smoother motion blur? Just thinking aloud... maybe that doesn't work at all.


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Thanks Ulco :)

The rotors are done with a object sequence of 500 single objects, every one with a rotation according to the true bell helicopter rotor rpm I found somewhere in the internet.
Your idea was one of the first things I tried :) but I guess my video editing software could not handle blurred alpha masks... looked just cheap and wrong.

To finally cope with this scene and bring the film back on, I'll leave this technique as it is for this moment and perhaps do a remake.

Meanwhile just a funny experiment, I did while rendering the canyon scene... Only for people who always wanted to know what Terragen does in a time laps :)
I just took a screenshot every 5 seconds - a constant period of time in which at least the 3D display seems to depict what was done in the renderbuckets:

I found it interesting to see, which areas render very slowly and the times when the areas were smoothed by antialiasing (I am not sure if that is what it really does?)


That's the perfect render speed! ;D


Time again for a check if my concept of the story and the concept of a silent movie will work...

The coming days I'll re-upload the old Magnum animation just as explanation of the story leading to this scene... it will change but not too much...

Have fun :) :


It's amazing! You did it again! ;D ;D ;D


Thank you Ulco :)

But again I was / I am unsatisfied... but this time I chose to offer you a second version immediately.

The problem: No voiceover no professional voice talents and no chance to get any (in this life ;D )

So I decided that silent movie thing. But I think it doesn't work so good with subtitles.
I think they distract too much from the movie.

A new concept: Real silent movie flair...
What do you say? Agree that it's better? ...though a little bit more confusing who say what and when?


Hard to say. The subtitles are indeed a bit distracting. You have to read them and don't have attention to details at that moment. But this is also a bit 'old-fashioned'. Is it not possible for you to have people speak those words?

Maybe ( I think there probably is!) it's even possible to insert text on some website and have a computer speak the words



I can understand your argument on one side, Ulco.

Funny! ;D - I HAVE that natural reader (full professional version) but I gave up using it since a while because I don't like those sounds.

Getting the right voice talents for imitating known people with special characteristics is not so easy (or really expensive ;) )

Perhaps one day in the future that software from Adobe, I saw in a documantary last year is ready for usage... It was like natural speaker but could scan original voices and use them!So I hope the Charme of silent movie style will help until being able to present the "Director's Cut - WITH VOICES!"  ;D

Mhh... if there's something not so pretty and old fashioned - why not exactly celebrate that effect... perhaps I should insert some ornaments on the black text tables like the real old movies had :)