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Terragen Discussion / Snow on trees AND relative to altitude
« Last post by N-drju on Today at 10:37:59 AM »
Guys, I need your help!

I use a traditional, very simple setup for snow on trees, like the one below:


However, I would like to have a population gradually becoming white, the higher the altitude.

In other words - below 500 meters = green. Above 500 meters = snowy.

I tried to make it through the surface shader that is already present and which gives the white coloring, but to no avail! Tried different options but with no success.

It's a Christmas render. The matter is urgent! :)
Image Sharing / Re: The Santa Claus Christmas Sleigh Tuning Desaster
« Last post by Hannes on Today at 08:01:00 AM »
Cool!!!!  ;D ;D ;D Merry christmas and a happy new year to you!!
One thing we can truly make the content we see here, then you need to look elsewhere.
Image Sharing / Re: New challenge
« Last post by Dune on Today at 06:32:27 AM »
I fixed all broken links, most having to do with reflective shaders and transform shaders, and a few multiply nodes, renamed them too, and hope it'll stay good from now on.
New iteration, and I think this'll be the concept to make them consider. It the peat image, they even fell over a thumb of one of the guys (not a middle finger  :P), so you can imagine how picky they are.

Any further ideas?
Open Discussion / Re: NASA IGAR Robotics
« Last post by Rojerhome on Today at 06:32:22 AM »
Part of this has made us think that is correct, then we have to make things even more interesting.
Image Sharing / Re: The Santa Claus Christmas Sleigh Tuning Desaster
« Last post by Dune on Today at 06:24:07 AM »
Nice idea indeed; card(s) with tiny white dots on black, same as opacity mask, well luminous.....
Image Sharing / Re: ...And to All a Good Night!
« Last post by Dune on Today at 06:21:35 AM »
Hear, hear. My thanks too and wishing you the best for 2019. Lost of renders too. I'm glad we have the planet we have, but indeed, we should take better care of it. But man is selfish by definition (on the whole), so I'm reluctant to be positive.
Image Sharing / Re: ...And to All a Good Night!
« Last post by DocCharly65 on Today at 04:35:17 AM »
Thanks for the wishes, same to you and congrats to that peaceful and beautiful render (though feeling quite brrrr… colllldddd…) :)
Image Sharing / Re: The Santa Claus Christmas Sleigh Tuning Desaster
« Last post by DocCharly65 on Today at 04:33:37 AM »
Thanks @all :)

Nice idea Rich, - maybe I have the time to implement it at weekend. Perhaps more likely a strip of little glittering stars…?!  I'll give that a try :)
Image Sharing / ...And to All a Good Night!
« Last post by Rich2 on Today at 02:47:55 AM »
With some deliberation I humbly submit this a homage to the season.  Who knows - maybe the guiding celestial light for the ones who sojourned to see the newborn King came from a distant supernova, since the Biblical account purports that it remained in the spot for them in our Earthly skies, as the North Star does for us today.  And perhaps it was the once home star for some distant star system.  If so the view you see here would soon be gone, vaporized by the intense force of the stellar explosion.  There is no sure way we will ever know.

But we are here.  My hope for the years to come we learn to love and accept and live together, because our time here is precious and short.

However you may or may not celebrate or observe, I wish peace, love, and happiness for you all and those that are close to you - for the next year and those to come.
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