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Terragen Discussion / Re: Lego trees
« Last post by bobbystahr on Today at 03:54:38 PM »
Odd but kinda cool, bet the surreal crew could use this technique....
I always just use the "Pause Updates" feature before I start long renders (especially if I know they will still be rendering on Tuesday).

Image Sharing / Re: a valley
« Last post by Luc Bianco on Today at 12:04:16 PM »
other light...
Image Sharing / Re: Tree stuff
« Last post by Luc Bianco on Today at 09:57:21 AM »
Nice color variations, btw I liked a lot winter scenes too
Mate, I had to reboot my door intercom this week.

Yes, it's not all bad of course - last week my toaster upgraded itself to a Breville  :)

I have an iPhone which I won't update past iOS 10

And there's the whole IPhone OS thing where the updates made the phone run slower.
Image Sharing / Re: TB-scene
« Last post by Luc Bianco on Today at 09:52:31 AM »
Fine work and I always appreciate your images because they tell each time a story
« Last post by ajcgi on Today at 09:51:42 AM »
I've sent my choices of top 3 to Danny.
It took me a day of coming back to them to decide a top 8. Exceptional work from all of you! Really very impressive in parts.
I think it pushed everyone to be creative as well as work past some technical hurdles. There was plenty of work that could be called professional in quality.
Great work!
ReactOS is interesting but it has been in "alpha" for, uh, nearly a decade?

Oh dear, I didn't see that. You have to worry when you see they apps they display can run on their OS are Photoshop CS2 and Simcity 3000.

There really is an anti-trust thing going on here, I know people may say to migrate to Linux or Apple, but apps are limited in Linux and to some extent Apple (which is also much more proprietary in hardware - nowhere near as much bang for the buck as PCs).

Windows have upset a lot of people with the updates nonsense and telemetry privacy etc. Maybe it might provoke somebody to come up with a decent OS which can run Windows apps , but that's a massive job and then they have the might of Windows to come up against - who I'm sure will want to stomp on any one who makes in-roads on their turf.

The current solution is to make use of some apps out there that can help with turning off these features, I would hope some of these allow Windows 10 Home users to get the same level of control as Windows Pro can.

Here's a good list of apps that help:
Terragen Discussion / Re: Windows 10 mandatory updates and long rendering
« Last post by ajcgi on Today at 09:42:51 AM »
Mate, I had to reboot my door intercom this week. :D My front door is higher tech than I am!
The group policy thingy is handy to know. Our windows 10 machines here drop connection to mapped network drives without a tweak in the policy editor.
I've worked on Linux (CentOS mainly), Windows, and Mac. I still think Linux is best for huge VFX businesses, but my favourite is Windows. At home, for my photo work I still use an iMac which I hardly update in case Apple break stuff for me. I have an iPhone which I won't update past iOS 10 as it will doubtless stop talking to my iMac, they'll have a falling out, I'll have a falling out with both.
All this OS stuff works fine so long as it's set up, left alone and nobody tries to break it.
Image Sharing / The Tree
« Last post by rojharris on Today at 08:01:22 AM »

This is pic number 2. This one is me trying to integrate Terragen with Cinema 4D. I made the scenery and clouds in TG, then rendered a backplate and 360 HDR. I exported the geometry very low res as a stand-in in obj format and exported the camera using fbx. Took them into Cinema and used the geometry as a shadow catcher, the HDR for lighting and the plate for background. I then added the big ol' tree in Cinema. At one point I had stuff on the ocean in Cinema too but it looked too busy so I took it out. Cinema stuff rendered in Redshift.

Quite pleases with the way Terragen integrates really well!

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