Terragen 3.1 Released With Significant New Features

Terragen 3.1 is now available and includes a number of valuable new features. Among the new additions are the ability to add Populations on top of imported and native 3D objects, the inclusion of several new displaceable primitives ideal for creating rock pillars, floating islands, and the like, and further improvement to the 3D preview speed through multithreading enhancements. The data storage engine for the Painted Shader has also been completely overhauled, resulting in a more stable and responsive experience for all Painted Shader operations. Read on for details.

Significant changes include:

  • Populate On Objects
  • New displaceable 3d primitives (cube, octahedron)
  • Improved performance in the 3D Preview
  • New "Geog Image Map Shader" can load georeferenced image data (e.g. satellite orthoimagery)
  • New Painted Shader back-end improves stability and performance
  • Intermittent rendering issues with Spherical Camera rendering are now resolved
  • Faster loading of Population Cache files
  • Various improvements to object viewing and manipulation
  • Many additional bug fixes and other updates, including a fix for 4D noise in animation, resolution of a crash when aborting population phase, etc.

Populate on Object

The population "sit on terrain" function has now been expanded and renamed to "Anchor". You can now anchor your population to the planet as well as to any object in the scene, or optionally have it free-floating. Anchoring a population to an object can be used to create effects like moss on rocks or trees, to allow better blending of custom imported objects with terrain, and much more.

Populate on Object

Arch created with displaced primitives and populate on object - Image by Ulco Glimmerveen


Populate on Object
A population of trees anchored to a "greeble"-generated city model - Image by Hannes Janetzko


New Displaceable 3D Primitives

With the new Cube and Octahedron displaceable primitives, you can easily create pillars, pyramids, and other shapes, displace them for effects both realistic and fantastic, and place them anywhere you'd like. You can even create realistic floating islands, particularly in conjunction with Populate on Objects.

New Displaceable Object Primitives
Columns created using new object primitives with heavy displacement - Image by Jon West


These features, as well as a great many additional fixes and new functionality are detailed in the full Terragen 3.1 Release Change Log.

How To Get It

The 3.1 release is available free of charge for licensed users of Terragen 3 as of Monday, February 25th, 2014. If you are a licensed user, please use the built-in Check For Update feature to access the new version.