What’s New in Terragen 4

    Terragen 4 is faster, more interactive and easier to use. We’ve raised the bar of photorealism, while giving you new tools to create and explore your scenes more quickly and intuitively than ever before.

    The new Ray-Traced Preview (RTP) will revolutionize the way you use Terragen. It provides almost instant feedback as you work on your objects, shaders, atmosphere and lighting, allowing you to fine-tune your scenes much more quickly and easily.

    Years of internal research and development have led to a major breakthrough for rendering clouds with photo-realistic shading. Terragen 4 can simulate light scattering hundreds of times within clouds to produce their characteristic softness, as well as inter-cloud and cloud-surface interactions. Along with new simple-to-use presets that realize a variety of common cloud types such as altocumulus, the new cloud shading technology allows you to produce highly realistic skies with ease.

    We’ve added simulation of the absorption of light by ozone in the atmosphere, making the already realistic atmosphere model practically indistinguishable from reality.

    Left: Ozone Disabled, Right: Ozone 0.6
    Left: Ozone Disabled, Right: Maximum Recommended Setting

    Rendering engine enhancements allow Terragen 4 to render scenes which feature objects on average more than twice as fast as Terragen 3, and in some cases much more.

    The addition of high quality, context-aware lens effects such as bloom and starbursts bring an additional layer of photo realism, and all effects respond realistically to the characteristics of your light sources, speculars, and other bright areas of the image. Lens effects operate in high dynamic range, taking into account light source and specular reflection intensity, color, occlusion, and atmospheric scattering.

    All licensed versions of Terragen 4 now include animation capabilities. This lets everyone take advantage not only of the ability to put their scenes in motion, but also to use motion blur and other animation-oriented tools that are still very useful even for still images.

    Finally, we’ve added several entirely new shaders, and numerous enhancements to existing ones, including improvements to “Fake Stones”, “Fractal Warp”, object sequence capabilities, and more.

    Procedural variation of Stone Height and Scale
    Find out more about Terragen in the Feature Tour to your right, download our Free version, or sign up to try Terragen Professional for free on StratusCore, a partner cloud workstation provider.

    A complete list of the differences between the free and licensed versions of Terragen 4 can be found on our Product Comparison Page.

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