Terragen 4 Benchmark

    Test your computer and compare it to others using the Terragen 4 Benchmark

    Please note: this benchmark is only intended for use with Terragen 4.3 and newer. Please do not submit results using Terragen 2, 3, or versions of Terragen 4 prior to 4.3. If you are using Terragen 3, you can still use the older benchmark for that version.

    Click here to download the benchmark (14mb, .zip file). The file you save to your computer should be called Terragen-4-Benchmark-1.0.zip. Extract the archive into its own folder.

    To run the benchmark, simply open the “terragen-4-benchmark_v1.0.tgd” file within the zip archive in your installation of Terragen 4.3+ (free or licensed version) and Render. Do not make any changes to render settings or any other scene details. The accuracy of the benchmark depends on the test being run exactly the same way by everyone. When the render completes, record the render time that is reported at the top of the Render View window. The resulting image should look like this:

    To report your results and compare with others, please submit your render time and system details via this form.

    You can view the full list of existing results in a sortable spreadsheet by clicking here or on the image link below.

    Terragen 4 Benchmark Results

    Terragen 4 benchmark results list preview

    This scene was originally created by Ulco Glimmerveen who kindly gave us permission to use it as a benchmark in a lightly edited form. Thanks also go to IDV Software, makers of Speedtree, who agreed to let us distribute this benchmark with 2 of their high quality plant models generated in Speedtree.

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