Returning Customers

    Welcome to our new website and thank you for being a loyal Terragen user! Due to differences in password handling between systems, we were not able to migrate user accounts to our new online store, but all customer purchase data has been imported. To access your existing purchases and the available upgrade options you simply need to create a new account below.

    When you register, you must use the same email address that you used when you originally purchased your Terragen license(s), otherwise you will not see your previous purchases and will not have access to upgrade options. You likely received the link to this page via the email address the system expects you to register with.

    After you register, you will need to activate your account via an email that will be sent to you. You will then have immediate access to your purchase history and upgrade options. If you have already done this, you can login by clicking here.

    If you don’t know what email address you originally purchased Terragen with, you no longer have access to it, or you have other questions or concerns, please contact us at registrations AT

    If you do not see a Registration Form then you are already logged-in. In that case you can simply access your purchase history by clicking HERE.

    Register New Account

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