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    Matt Fairclough

    GPU Sky in Development

    We’re making a GPU renderer. Terragen is the go-to solution for big skies and planetary views. This is, in part, because of its use of procedural systems, a “big scene,…

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    Terragen 4.4.67 Release Change Log

    Build 4.4.67 (Release) Released May 20, 2020 (Windows and Linux) Included in Maintenance up to March 21, 2019 Update to v4.4 Made the License Agreement more permissive by narrowing the…

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    Terragen 4.4.67 Update Release

    Terragen 4.4.67 is now available on Windows and Linux render node. Updated October 13: Now available on Mac as 4.4.69. Let’s talk about terminators, polygons and bump maps. Smooth Polygons…

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    Work From Home Discounts

    Update: This offer has finished, but check our store for the latest prices. Starting today we’re offering discounts on Terragen 4 for home use: personal or professional work from home.…

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