Key File for Terragen 4

    1) Download Terragen and install it on your computer.

    2) Find the License Key in your purchase confirmation email. Copy and paste it into the field below:

    Enter License Key:

    3) Click the "Download Key File" button. This should download a file called 'tg4key.lic' to your computer.

    4) Add your Key File to Terragen. To do this:

    1. Run Terragen.
    2. On the start-up splash screen, click on the Add Key File button. Or go to the Help menu and select Add Key File.
    3. Navigate to the Downloads folder (or wherever your browser saves downloaded files) and select the file called tg4key.lic, then click Open. Terragen 4 should then notify you it has found the key file and copied it to the application data directory for safe keeping.
    4. Close Terragen and run it again to unlock all features.

    If you are administering groups of users there are alternative ways to install licenses. Contact us for details.

    This key file is for your own use only, and you must not distribute it to anyone else. It is encoded with your name.

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