Terragen Release Change Log

    This is the list of changes between the initial release of Terragen 3, v3.0.07.0, and first maintenance release v3.0.10.0.


    • Fixed two problems in renders that combine GI Surface Details and DoF with Noise Reduction. Edges of buckets (tiles) sometimes had visible lines, and subpixel details in GISD weren’t being calculated.
    • Fixed a problem with DoF with Noise Reduction that would occasionally be visible at the edges of buckets (tiles).
    • Linux only ( Fixed a problem which could cause TGO objects to render incorrectly.


    • Library drawing performance in browser mode is greatly improved, especially on Windows. To take advantage of this for existing Library items you will need to upgrade the previews (see below).
    • Library previews are now saved using JPEG 2000. The Library can also upgrade existing item previews to optimise them for drawing speed and disk space usage. If TG detects that this needs to happen it will prompt you to do so when the Library window is opened. Technically the upgrade process converts any TIFF previews to JPEG 2000 to save disk space and then generates smaller versions of previews to optimise initial preview loading. This speeds up Library window opening and initial scrolling in browser mode.
    • Additional Library window search capabilities. You can now search for multiple tags. You can also choose to match any tag or all tags.
    • Fixed a problem where the Library window might not save its display configuration in certain situations.
    • The main list in the Library window now displays a tooltip showing the file path for an item when you mouse over the Name column while holding down the alt/option key.
    • The Library window now has several options for filtering by the date an item was added. See underneath the Recently Added item in the Contents list.
    • Fixed a problem when adding preview images to project files and clip files in certain situations, mainly if they had any comments/descriptions etc. containing quotes (“). At worst this could lead to the file not opening, although the file content was still intact.
    • Fixed a crashing bug when adding a preview to a project from the info panel in the Library window, when the project was the one currently loaded.
    • Windows only: Fixed a problem where files could be left open until TG exited after selecting them in the Library window.
    • Windows only: Improved the redraw behaviour of the Library window in browser mode when the Library window is being resized.


    • Fixed an occasional crash while populating with Populator V4.
    • The way the main window size is set at startup has changed.
    • Fixed a drop-to-terrain bug where the dropped item’s position/translation parameter might not update in the UI if the items node view was open.
    • A number of open/save dialogs opened from nodes now have file format popups.
    • Windows only: Made an improvement to window behaviour when the OS colour picker (opened from the TG colour picker) is closed. It shouldn’t cause random windows to come to the front anymore.
    • Fixed a problem with the Geog heightfield load node where DEMs didn’t have the correct size calculated in the Free and Creative editions.
    • TG now loads colours from indexed/paletted images. It also loads images with bit depths of 1 (monochrome) and 4 (indexed).
    • Add a hotkey to toggle between paint and eraser strokes when painting a Painted shader. The default key is V.
    • Added missing text for the “Toggle Depth-of-field preview” item in Mouse and Key Settings dialog and Customise Input Bindings window.
    • Tweaked the icon position for the Add Preview to Project button in the Render window.
    • Input presets in the Input Settings prefs panel have been renamed from “One button” to “One mouse button” etc.
    • Mac only: Made some changes to the way colour is handled in UI elements. This doesn’t affect rendering. However one noticeable change is that rendered images are displayed in the Render view with colours that match more closely to the colours of saved renders. To emphasise this again, rendering is not affected.
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