Terragen 3 Benchmark

    Please note: this is an outdated benchmark  and is only intended for use with Terragen 3. Please do not submit results using Terragen 4. Click the button below to visit the current Terragen 4 Benchmark page.


    This is the basic benchmark scene file for Terragen 3. It allows you to compare your computer’s performance to other users’ system performance. The benchmark can be run on the free version of Terragen 3.

    To download the benchmark, click here. If you get taken to a page that is just a bunch of text, go Back and then Right-click or Ctrl-click the previous link and choose Save As/Download As. The file you save to your computer should be called terragen3-benchmark.tgd. Some browsers or operating systems will put .txt on the end, so the file becomes terragen3-benchmark.tgd.txt. The file must have the .tgd extension to work so you will need to remove the .txt extension.

    To run the benchmark, simply open the file you downloaded in your copy of Terragen 3 (free or licensed version) and Render. Do not make any changes to render settings or any other scene details. The accuracy of the benchmark depends on the test being run exactly the same way by everyone. When the render completes, record the render time that is reported at the top of the Render View window.

    To report your results and compare with others, please submit your render time and system details via this form.

    You can view the full list of existing results in a sortable spreadsheet by clicking here.

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