Terragen Price List (Old)

    This is the complete list of Terragen 4 prices, including upgrade pricing. All prices are in United States Dollars (USD) unless otherwise specified.


    Perpetual Licenses

    Maintenance Renewals

    • 1 Year of Maintenance for Terragen 4 Creative: $119 $89
    • 1 Year of Maintenance for Terragen 4 Professional: $249

    Upgrade from Terragen 4 Creative to…

    • Terragen 4 Professional: $400

    Upgrades from Terragen 3 Professional to…

    • Terragen 4 Creative: $129 $99
    • Terragen 4 Professional: $299

    Upgrades from Terragen 3 Creative to…

    • Terragen 4 Creative: $149 $129
    • Terragen 4 Professional: $449

    Upgrades from Terragen 2 to…

    • Terragen 4 Creative: $199 $159
    • Terragen 4 Professional: $499

    Upgrades from Terragen Classic to…

    • Terragen 4 Creative: $250 $200
    • Terragen 4 Professional: $600

    Render Nodes and Bulk Discounts

    Please contact us for details on purchasing stand-alone render nodes and additional bulk discounts for workstation and render node licenses. We provide bulk license discounts starting at 5 or more licenses purchased in a single transaction.

    Educational Pricing

    We provide free licenses for educational use both for institutions and individuals, including faculty and students. Please email us at registrations AT planetside.co.uk with any educational license requests. You must include proof of your current educational status (such as a scan of your current, dated, and valid student or faculty ID, or a current-term class roster with your name and current enrollment date(s) on it) and details of your usage. If you are requesting on behalf of an institution please also let us know how many licenses you will need. You can find more details on our Educational License Program Page.

    Try Terragen Pro for Free in the Cloud

    Interested in Terragen Professional, but want to make sure it will work for your needs? Our partners at StratusCore offer on-demand workstations and professional content creation software in the cloud and now you can use Terragen Professional on their platform completely free for up to 3 hours. Simply sign up for a free StratusCore account, then connect to a workstation and start creating.

    Want to Upgrade?

    To upgrade, just go to My Account to view your past purchases, click on the License for the purchase you want to upgrade, then click on Upgrade Options.

    Note that if you purchased Terragen before September, 2016 you will not see upgrade prices in the online store by default. Click here for upgrade instructions. If you have any issues accessing the upgrade options, please contact support.

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