Terragen Video Tutorials – TerraTuts

    Welcome to the ‘TerraTuts’ video tutorials.

    These videos are divided into 4 sections:

    • Getting Started
    • Basic Scenes
    • Beginners Tools and
    • Intermediary levels.

    However, if you prefer to see all 50+ tutorials tutorials together, look here

    TerraTuts – Getting Started

    A light introduction into understanding the basics of the interface.

    TerraTuts – Basic Scenes

    These 14 videos will get you familiar with how a scene is put together.

    TerraTuts – Beginner Tools

    There’s a LOT of tools in Terragen, these 13 videos will give you all the knowledge you need

    TerraTuts – Intermediate Techniques

    Want to try something more challenging ? Jump into these 19 videos!

    Terragen 4 – Presets

    3 Videos – A few videos describing the use of Terragen ‘Presets’.