Going into TRON:Legacy I had experience supervising shows requiring a lot of atmospheric work so I wasn’t particularly concerned about that aspect. The deeper we got into the show however the more and more demanding the work became.  Tron:Legacy was a show on a different level, and it required solutions and results both artistically and technically on a different level. Terragen delivered! With it artists filled the “grid” with heavily art directed and detailed cloudscapes. And you couldn’t rely on any “tricks” because this was a stereo show that demanded a completely immersive experience.

    I think its would be a crime to only mention the software and not the designer and programmer behind it, Matt Fairclough provided to us unbelieveable support, custom coding, retooling, and improving aspects to the software allowing the art direction that was needed. I will never hesitate to recommend Matt and his software to anyone needing “world building”. I dare you to try it, you will not be disappointed!

    Chris Harvey, VFX Supervisor – Prime Focus
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