Terragen 4.7.19 Change Log

    Build 4.7.19 (Release)

    Released February 10, 2024
    Included in Maintenance expiring no earlier than June 14, 2023

    Fixed a bug in the texture coordinates on populated (instanced) objects that use “Force displacement.”

    Build 4.7.15 (Release)

    Released November 16, 2023
    Included in Maintenance expiring no earlier than June 14, 2023

    RPC is enabled in the Free Non-Commercial Edition.

    Micro Exporter produces cleaner geometry and smaller files, by merging duplicate vertices, normals, UVWs and faces. It can be used with multi-threaded renders.

    Ray-traced samples contributing to the tgSurfNormal render element always have their normals in the camera-facing hemisphere.

    Build 4.7.11 (Frontier Build)

    Some things have been changed to make the Micro Exporter more logical to use, making it consistent with other options on the Output tab, and easier to understand what will be output when rendering:

    • “Render All To Disk” button has been renamed to “Render To Disk”.
    • Some information about what kinds of data will be output by Render To Disk is shown to the right of the button, such as “Images”, “Micro export” or “Images + micro export”.
    • The micro exporter on the Output tab works only when using “Render To Disk”, “Render Sequence” or command line rendering. It does not work when using “Render Image”. This makes it consistent with the other options on the Output tab.
    • The main image file output on the Output tab has a checkbox so it’s possible to disable outputting images when using “Render To Disk”. This may be useful when using the micro exporter.

    Build 4.7.10 (Frontier Build)

    VDB exports set a uniform voxel scale when using the “Set bounds for VDB export” feature, for greater compatibility.

    If using a license server, the render node (Terragen running with -hide flag) will wait up to 45 seconds for a license (previously this was 10 seconds).

    Build 4.7.08 (Frontier Build)

    Radiance HDR: Images can be saved in the Radiance HDR (.hdr) format in the Professional Edition and Creative Edition.

    EXR in Creative: Images and heightfields can be saved to EXR files in the Creative Edition as well as the Professional Edition.

    Multi-channel EXR: You can choose to embed extra output images into the main output as a multi-channel EXR. This includes the full set of Render Elements in the Professional Edition and the tgAlpha element in the Creative Edition. Options include regular Multi-Layer EXR and Multi-Part EXR.

    Added “Set all objects to hidden” to the action menu of the Objects Node List.

    Build 4.7.02 (Frontier Build)

    The VDB exporter leaves grid points empty wherever the density value is zero.

    “Different resolution for VDB export” and “Millions of voxels for VDB” settings on the Optimisation tab of cloud layers. You can tell VDBs to be exported at a different resolution from the cloud’s internal voxel buffer.

    “Set bounds for VDB export” on the Optimisation tab of clouds layer. VDB Export bounds can be defined by a bounding box. This can be moved, scaled and rotated however you like. Most of the built-in objects can be used as a bounding box, but we suggest using a non-renderable object such as the new Bounding Box node. Not only can this be used to clip the cloud, you can also use it to help the exporter avoid wasting time sampling empty space if you manually shrink the box around the actual cloud.

    New object type: Bounding Box. This is a non-renderable object that can be used with the VDB exporter and may be used for various purposes in future.

    The Node Network draws inactive node links/connections with a faded line. Most shaders and some other nodes set connections to be inactive when there is an unchecked checkbox associated with them. This improves readability of the node graph.

    Various shaders automatically enable/disable parameters widgets associated with enabled/disabled features.


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