Change Logs for Terragen Release Versions.

    Terragen Release Change Log

    Build (Terragen 4 Release Update) Minor update post-release to fix some initial issues. Pausing or aborting a render with clouds is now much more responsive. Free Edition and Creative Edition: Unintentionally, voxel buffers and 2D shadow maps were being disabled when loading projects, loading clip files with cloud nodes or pasting/duplicating cloud nodes. This…

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    Terragen 4.0 Release Change Log

    Build (Terragen 4 Release) GENERAL Windows only: Installer creates an application called “Terragen 4” which is distinct from Terragen 3. You can have Terragen 3, Terragen 4, Terragen 4 Alpha and Terragen 4 Beta installed at the same time if you want. Library files, Preferences, Custom Bindings settings and automatically-saved renders of Terragen 4…

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    Terragen 3.2 Release Change Log

    List of changes from to to    CAMERAS Stereoscopic camera options (only in Professional Edition and Professional with Animation). Stereoscopic camera options are found on the new “Stereo” tab of the camera node. Simply turn the camera into a stereo camera by enabling the “Stereo” checkbox and choosing “Left”, “Centre” or “Right” camera…

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    Terragen 3.1 Release Change Log

    List of changes from to   3D PREVIEWS The subdivision and displacement engine in 3D Previews and Shader/Heightfield Previews is now multi-threaded. It uses up to as many threads as there are cores detected on your system or specified in the user override in Preferences. It can also be limited by passing a command…

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    Terragen Release Change Log

    This is the list of changes between the initial release of Terragen 3, v3.0.07.0, and first maintenance release v3.0.10.0. RENDERING Fixed two problems in renders that combine GI Surface Details and DoF with Noise Reduction. Edges of buckets (tiles) sometimes had visible lines, and subpixel details in GISD weren’t being calculated. Fixed a problem with…

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    Terragen 3.0 Release Change Log

    This is the complete list of changes between Terragen 2.5.5 and the initial release of Terragen 3, v3.0.07.0. Build (Release) Significant improvements to stability. Soft shadows now render faster in some situations (undoing a change that was made between v2.5 and the first v3.0 builds). Changed the way object handles/manipulators are drawn. They should…

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