Terragen 4.0.04 Release Change Log

    Build 4.0.04 (Terragen 4 Release Update)

    • Performance fix: Many scenes with clouds will render much faster in this build. Mac users will see the biggest improvement, but it also affects Windows users especially at high thread counts.
    • The Geog Image Map Shader has been adjusted to fix some problems loading certain files.
    • Node creation menus for shaders and heightfields have been made easier to read by simplifying the item names.
    • We’ve rearranged the UI for the render node so that it’s simpler and more logically organised:
      • The Quality tab has been simplified.
      • “Ray trace objects” has moved to the Advanced tab. You should usually have this turned on.
      • The ‘More’ and ‘Effects’ tabs have been arranged into new tabs called ‘Filter’ and ‘Tonemap’, and their advanced settings have moved elsewhere.
      • “Detail blending” has moved to Subdiv Settings.
      • Subdiv Settings are now accessible from a button on the Advanced tab.
      • “Minimum threads” parameter is no longer available.
      • “Size of subdiv cache in Mb” and “Preallocate subdiv cache” have moved to Subdiv Settings.
      • Professional edition only: Removed the Layers tab and put “Render layer” below “Camera”.
    • Settings to control the size of the subdiv cache will not be carried over from previous projects. The renderer now ignores these settings unless “Override size of subdiv cache” is turned on. By default it’s off. With override off, a cache size is chosen automatically at the beginning of each render using the formula cacheSizeInMb = 250 * numThreads + 150.
    • Simpler version numbers: Public release builds don’t display the fourth number ‘.0’ on the splash screen anymore.
    • Some other minor changes have been made to the UI.

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